The Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ [4 Volume set]Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich presents the reader with a vivid account of Our Blessed Saviour s ministry life from his Nativity to the Resurrection. Her visions embellish the New Testament account with ideas about the culture, customs, political and religious sects, architecture, geography, agriculture, and even the weather conditions of first-century Palestine. When reading her descriptions you feel as if you were watching Jesus life unfold as a spectator at the events themselves.

While depicting the most profound mysteries of Judaism and Christianity, her narrative synchronises all the events of the Gospels with the feasts, fasts and Sabbaths of the ancient Jewish calendar and liturgy. It includes biographies of the ancestors and relatives of the Holy Family, John the Baptist, the Apostles and minor disciples, Mary Magdalene, Judas and others who knew Our Lord while he dwelt among us. The details contained in the Life of Our Lord profoundly reveal the heart of Our Saviour Jesus Christ.

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