“And Moses said unto the children of Israel, See, the LORD hath called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah;

And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship…” (Ex. 35:30-35)

Every man is endowed with a special gift or spirit to engage in a particular profession by the spirit of the almighty God. God gives unique ability through the Holy Spirit, talent of all kinds is a divine gift, and He created man as His own carbon copy with aesthetic faculties.

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Reach Your Full Potential

As a talent artisan, you are likely to perform better in that area than to being a lawyer. Likewise, if you are good in argumentation, you will probably be better as a lawyer or a politician than being a medical doctor or a technician. Every gift is given from above; you need to discover yours. Do not operate in the wrong field.

Case scenario

There was a time in Nigeria, during the cocoa booming era of late 1980’s to early 2000’s. Cocoa trade went into the open market and became profitable to the license buyers as well as the farmers. The price of cocoa skyrocketed and cocoa merchants were making huge profit within and outside the country.

Within a year or two, many business merchants and many who are novice in the world of business engaged in cocoa trade. Fraudsters also came in as mix-multitude to defraud those who thought of making fast money in the new “gold rush”. If you are a novice and you know nothing about cocoa or whatever business, and you invest your money in it, you are likely going to end up buying substandard or fall into the hands of the fraudsters.

Another transaction in the cocoa business involves the giving out of loan to license buyers by banks. You must know to whom you give loan. More than 99% of those who rushed into the cocoa business rushed out. Many rushed into the business because of their greedy anticipated gains, which they thought would come fast. At the end, most went into bankruptcy.

Avoid agents of business failure

  • Being a novice
  • Greediness
  • Desperation
  • Over ambition

These agents blinded many businesspersons against Godly progression and ideas, which may lead to loss of money, loss of property and even loss of life.

How to discover your potential

  • By instinct, you may know what you are good at or what you feel you can do. However, some may not know what to do.
  • Humanly, by counseling
  • As a Christian, you need to pray. It is necessary to view your business idea spiritually before you embark on it.

There are businesses that take off slowly, but will expand gradually and become big on the long run. Some seem to be, fast business in the beginning but has no long span. There is no talent, gift or business on earth, by which a person cannot prosper. The most important thing as a Christian is not to engage in an unrighteous business. There is the need to discover what you are good at, what you are capable of doing and what you would enjoy doing.

Today’s post shows you Christian Business Opportunities are all over the place if you open your eyes… Just smarter due diligence is necessary

Not all that glitters are gold.

“Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom” (Gen. 13:12). Guess what is in Sodom, destruction. Many businesses are like this, they look good at first glance, but the end may destroy you. Try to discover yourself, your capability and the right thing to do.

Do not look at a business, or what you are capable of doing as being small, all it takes for God to prosper you is to multiply your substance.

My point is you need to discover yourself and your potential before you embark on any business.

Whatever you lay your hand to do, do it well.


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