Is there any business a child of God cannot engage? Are there businesses that are not approved of God? Do you have an in dept knowledge of what you want to do or what you are doing? What is the purpose of you engaging in the business?

Moreover, what are you good at doing? Are you equipped for your choice of business? Are you pursuing your gift or perambulating. Are you into a business because it is lucrative? Is the business a long or short term?

The answers to these questions are prerequisites to engaging in any business; however, the business must be righteous and in line with the will of God. There is no business a child of God cannot do if holds to moral and godly values. That which is not corrupt, cause one to sin or leads people astray. There are two important cautions, which must be avoided (Jude 11).

1.    The way of Cain

2.    The error of Balaam

Avoiding the way of Cain

Cain was the brother of Abel, they both engage in their different businesses. Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. Both of them sacrificed of their substance to the Lord; however, that of Abel was accepted. Cain became envious and jealous of his brother. In the process, Cain killed his brother, his future and his destiny.

The world is massive enough for everybody to do business without being a hindrance to others. Do not establish your business by destroying others, or else, it will short-lived. Any business established on envy, pride and self-righteousness would not get the approval of God. You do not succeed by destroying others or destroying competitor’s products or destroying people’s character.

Failing in a business is not an end to life; Christians should not conceive evil because of failure, frustration, hindrance, disappointment or whatever the cause of that failure may be. Most of the time, mistake or negligence is the cause for most failures. Address the issue not by effecting your grievance on others, but on how you can improve.
Are you jealous of what your competitors are doing? Do you know how they got there? Let their product be a motivation, not to kill what they have worked for.

The Bible says
“If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men     liberally, and upbraideth not; and itshall       be given him” (Jas. 1:5).

Cain refused to take warning, instead of him making amendment, he went ahead to commit murder. He was cursed.

Avoiding the error of Balaam

Balaam was a gifted man in the ministry of prophecy, a lucrative business in those days. Setting up a lucrative business is a good adventure; however, doing it the right way is more essential. A child of God should not feel threatened especially when you engage in what is right. But do not form any alliance with anyone or group of people to go after unrighteous gains or promises.

Every child of God is endowed with one gift or the other, for good purposes. For Balaam’s gift of prophecy however, because of greed and quest for unrighteous riches, he opted to prophesy doom against God’s blessed people. There is no problem in gunning for greener pasture but not in opposition to the will of God or at the detriment of others.

There are many businesses that resemble the act of Balaam, a way of making fast money or profit that is not legitimate and righteous: Among which is pornography, prostitution, obtaining under false pretence, computer fraud, embezzlement, credit card fraud, sharp practices, short cut, shady business, businesses that causes others to fall and so forth; they are “error of Balaam”.

What is the foundation of your business?

Not all businesses that look good have a righteous foundation. Many foundations are set on blood covenant, businesses established by misleading others into error, businesses established on stolen money and business established by robbing innocent peoples of their inheritance or entitlement. Any attempt to get rich by “all mean” could be self-destroying or deadly.

In whatever business you engage, seek God’s approval; commit your way (business) unto the Lord; and rest on the Lord. The Lord will bring your desire to pass (Ps. 37:3-7).

By Lawrence Abitogun

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