Many have taken good decisions in life that are gold mines, but remain a dream not accomplished, because of the fear of the unknown. Many revelations, dreams, visions, goals and ideas have become unfulfilled because of envisaging problems, histories of many that have failed in the like ventures. Therefore, at the very first obstacle encountered in their ventures, their spirits failed.

The wish of the slave master or the spirit of poverty is for you to encounter problems so that you can run back. If you dare do so, your suffering will be greater than the time you were still under him. He will use every power he has to make his wish fulfilled. The spirit behind that wish will continue to follow you. As long as you remain under the new master (the shadow of God almighty), the spirit behind the wish of the slave master remain paralytic. Eventually, if the wish of the slave master is dashed, he will be forced to disengage or to engage in a suicide mission that will destroy him.

The spirit behind slavery or poverty is so stubborn that it will not allow its subject to go unless overcame by a more powerful force. Christians finds that power only in God through our Lord Jesus Christ. The spirit of poverty or slavery does not affect Christians only, but to all those who wants to get out of it. There are many who will never get out of it no matter what you do to help them. The whole thing will be as if a curse has been placed on them, never to get better in life. They preferred to remain a slave or poor. Their consolation is, as long as they get their daily bread, they are contented; or saying, “Half bread is better than none”.

At the very outset of your translation to freedom and prosperity, all plans must have being in place. All necessary materials, tools, equipment must be available. In addition to these, you must prepare yourself physically and mentally. The moment the determination and the preparedness is there, the journey to translation begins.

Beginning your translation process

The fear of the unknown is still in place even after you have started to move forward. Having not gone too far, some thoughts come to mind. Doubt sets in, whether to keep moving or not, because you are still near to the zone which you have just left. If the later is considered, you are likely to go back. Except you hold strongly to your new master (God), faith in your goal and faith to subdue any obstacle that comes your way, your choice will be to go back.

The man who is looking for honey in the rock must be determined, having his axe sharpened and fully prepared physically and mentally. He is now ready to strike the first blow to the rock. At the first strike, he will feel the effect all over his body. At this point, he will do a little recalculation, to keep striking or not. The rock becomes a barrier between the man and the honeybee hives. Your steps and processes toward achieving your goal may be difficult at this very outset. The form it will take depends on the nature of you goal. Therefore, hold fast to the new master (God), build a strong faith in your goal and have a strong faith to subdue and possess.

In the journey of the Israelites to the promise land, the way in which they were travelling naturally terminates at theRed sea. There were mountains to the right and left of their path. To worsen their situation, Pharaoh and his army were pursuing from the rear. By the time they saw the host of the Egyptian army, their faith waters down, they lost heart, they became critical, their confidence disappeared and they were confused. The reaction of the Israelites is natural to every human being, especially, when you don’t have the ultimate master (God) whose spirit will direct you.

The Bible says “Believe”; therefore, do not let your heart be shaken down. He who is leading you in your new mission is able to make a way where seems to be no way. He is able and has the power to conquer, when enemies come your way. He has the power to overcome any form of obstacle on your behalf.

Today, many are bitter and would start to blame themselves for taking the step to get out of slavery or poverty simply because of their lack of confidence to pursue. Some will blame the person who has given them the advice to get out of whatever. Why are they that critical? They were because they have no faith in the new ultimate master (God), no faith in their goal and no faith in themselves to subdue and possess.

Moses said to the Israelites by theRed sea,

“fear not; stand still and see the salvation of the Lord

which He will work for you today ,

for the Egyptians you have seen today,

you shall never see again.

The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” (Ex. 14:13-14)

After Moses had spoken the word of faith with his own mouth, the Lord told him, “Why do you cry unto Me? Tell the people that they go forward”. Uncountable number of times, it has been repeated in the bible that “fear not”.

What fear does is this, it erases hope; it dashes away hope; it brings failure; it makes possibility impossible; it confuses the mind; and is an agent of adversities.  Moreover, fear neutralizes the effect of faith to make goals or hopes become a reality.


“fear not” is the key that ignites a person to move forward into the unknown. 

Moses said, “fear not”, God said, “go forward”, if you are so determined to move out of slavery and poverty, why not obey the voice of the new ultimate master today. “Fear not”, “Go forward”, our God through our Lord Jesus Christ will surely take you to your freedom and prosperity.

When you are facing an obstacle in the way as you progress, the solution to it is not to turn back, but rather, weigh many options, which you can, not to make the obstacle a hindrance to achieving your goal. Achieving the goal is paramount. Any form of obstacles that will stand in the way of your success must be taking off the way. In this situation, the first thing to do is to cast away any form of fear. When there is no fear, there is faith. You will be able to think of many ways by which you can move forward.


Fear blocks vision.

The moment you step out of bondage of whatever, keep pursuing your goal, and seek the place where God is taking you. Make sure your goal is in line with the will of God. Do not look backward at what is behind or what you left behind, but rather, look forward to reach what is ahead: Looking forward on how to achieve even in the mist of many odds, which you cannot avoid. Thanks to God almighty who said through Apostle Paul that He would provide a way of escape. (1Cor. 10:13)

On your way to freedom and prosperity, “do not fear”, “move forward”. When enemies pursue you, which you cannot avoid, do not wait, keep moving. Trust in the Lord who promised that He is fighting your battle. When you are moving forward, the Lord will cause the way of the enemies or adversaries to go into destruction. The Lord will send His angels to go before and behind you as He did concerning the Israelites. This is the portion of true Christians who are always led by the spirit of God. When your enemies see that you are under the shadow of the Almighty, many of them will turn back from pursing you. However, the Lord will lead the stubborn ones to their own destruction. This explained the destruction of Pharaoh and the host of Egyptians.

For every successful step you take during your translation, give thanks to the Lord.



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