In the beginning

A man thought in his mind to search for where he could get honey. After searching for a long time, he found traces of flying honeybees. In his further quest to know more about the source of these honeybees, it led him to around a rock. Around this rock, he saw some bees flying in and out of the rock through a small opening. This caused the first deep breath in the heart of this man that he has finally got to a solution to his quest. One problem solved is the beginning to a new one. This is all about establishing a business.

What it takes to get it done

christian business network 233x300 Christian Business Network   The Hand of the DiligentMy Uncle told me a parable long time ago when I wanted to travel out of my country to the United States of America. He said that my journey to the USA is like a man who is seeking honey from the inside of a rock. He must sharpen his axe well; he must not look at the bruised palm of his hands while striking the rock; he must not groan of the pains received because of the bruises; and he must remember the son of who he is. Finally, he said that after enduring through the rigorous labor and having a breakthrough into the rock and to the beehives, there lies, awaiting “sweetness”.

The above parable typified two things

1. What it takes as a Christian, to achieve success in any undertaking such as business. Whoever wants to cross over from financial slavery to financial freedom or to say, from poverty to prosperity will have to work hard to get it.

2. A Christian’s journey on earth; and final entrance into heaven.

The parable illustrates the course of every man on earth; the pursuit of his vision, goal or his undertakings in life is to get better day by day. The way to move higher is not that snappy. It requires spiritual, mental and physical effort. Otherwise, his achievement will be unrighteous or illegitimate. However, what you worked for and acquired righteously will definitely last.

How to get there

For a person, in Christian business network particularly, to have a breakthrough in business into financial freedom and prosperity, there are two major crossovers as a matter of necessity that he/she must pass through. If you want to attain the fullness of your destiny, your goal, the promises of God, and the eternal home in heaven, you have to pass through these two crossovers. The question now is, are you determined to pursue your undertaking?

The crossovers

1.    The Red Sea – Whoever crosses this crossover must have made up his/her mind, come what may, he/she is escaping from slavery/poverty territory onto the other side, which is the way to freedom and prosperity. To him /her, it is a point of no return.

However, in between the Red Sea and the Jordan River is a journey, an experience that every Christian cannot but have. It is a critical period, which determines whether a person will cross the second crossover or not. This period is what I call the wilderness experience.

This experience may take between forty days to about forty years, or forever, depending on how faithfully you keep by the rules. In this case, you must be diligent – spiritually, mentally and physically sound. The Bible says “The hand of the diligent shall bear rule: but the slothful shall be under tribute” (Pro.12:24)

2.    The Jordan River – you have passed the test of the wilderness, cross over to harvest you honey – financial freedom and prosperity.

Keep in mind that your goal is to harvest honey from inside of a rock; you want to change your status from being a poor man to a prosperous man; and to become a free man out of the bondage of any kind. The end of this goal is good if you are ready to go through the process that it will take.

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