The fear of God means to reverence and respect God; by obeying His commandments, departing from all forms of evil and doing according to His will. This requires us to walk in His ways; to walk in the spirit in order to avoid the lust of the flesh; to allow Him dictate the path we should follow in life. Why? He is our creator and the creator of the universe where we exist; since He is the supreme ruler over all that exists, our fear of Him is to surrender our total being to Him.

Joseph refused the offer of a free enjoyment of fornication with his master’s wife; he knew his master would not know if he consented to his mistress’ request. However, he realized that even though his master was not around, someone else is watching him. The invisible eye of the omniscient and omnipresent God is watching him. Joseph sees this offense not against his master but against God (Gen. 39).

Any evil mete out for another human being shows lack of love and disrespect and this is against the will of God. Anything against the will of God is an offense against God. Hence Joseph said “How then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?” (Gen.39:9). Hence, the Lord was with Joseph.

Similarly, David, when he had the opportunity to kill his greatest enemy, King Saul, he refused to do it for conscience sake. He had a high regard for the Lord’s anointed king, and would not want to disrespect God’s representative, even though, Saul was seeking to take David’s life (1Sam. 24:4-7; 26:9). But David knew that vengeance belongs to God and not to man and would not avenge for himself. He respected the word of God. Hence, David was more preferred as king than Saul.

We are steward to one thing or the other in this world.

  • The President or Prime Minister is a steward to his country
  • The Governor is a steward to his state
  • The chairman of locality is a steward to his locality
  • The church overseer is a steward of God over His congregation
  • A worker is a steward to his/her employer
  • Subordinates are stewards to their superiors

Ultimately, human being are steward to the Almighty God; the only way we can fear him is to be faithful in whatever is committed to our care, knowing and doing the will of God. The empowering presence of God in our lives helps us to overcome sin and to resists temptation. Hence, Joseph and David were exalted

  • Joseph became the prime Minister in a foreignlandofEgypt(Gen. 41: 37-45)
  • David became the greatest earthly human King

Be you a president of a country or the lowest of human status; discharge your duty in the fear of God.

The fear of God exalts a man.



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