god is real - christian poemsHow marvelous art thou, O Lord
Marvelous are You and Holy is Your name
When I behold the blues of the sky
The interchanging repeated pattern of the cloud
I wonder unimaginably, Your magnanimity.
At dawn, You set the sun in motion
At noonday, the sun glitters
The brightness and crystal-like sky tells me of Your Holiness
The brightness from heaven reveals
It reveals Your glory and majesty
Who has the description?
The description of the splendors
The splendors of the sunrays
How marvelous to behold the color spectrum
As the rays, reveal the beauty of creation
At evening, the sun display its reddish glowing radiant
The sun sets its happiness to His joyous people
Too beautiful to describe
How beautiful and holy art thou, O Lord.


How awesome and perfectly are Your creations
Wonderfully beautifully were they designed
I will declare Your marvelous works
From the firmament to the bottom of the ocean
Marvelous wonders of nature
The splendor of your creation challenged me
I will praise You forever
Every creation were perfectly wonderful
Who can reveal the source of nature?
Except the Author
How unsearchable is the power of Your creation
Who knows the source of the wind?
How does the wind causes early and latter rain?
This same wind causes the heat wave of the desert.
“ Oh that men will praise the Lord
For His goodness and for His wonderful works
To the children of men”

I say I will declare Your Majesty from the firmament
Your reigns stand behind all history
You control all terrestrials
Terrestrial and celestial power is in Your hand
The Lord is God, Holy is His name
The Lord dwells on high in His holy place
The Lord inhabits eternity
My imagination imagines
Could non-intelligence, create me with intelligence?
Science sometimes is a joker


I will declare
The incomparable God of all creation
The God of nature and history
Man rebuff facts of dateless; criticize dateless age
Man of little age
God’s creation is irreversible; it remains permanent
No yearly edition or model, never outdated
Oh that men will give unto Him
The honor that is due unto our God


I say I will praise You from the firmament
To the bottom of the Ocean
Appreciating the beautifully creations
From the Bee humming bird to the Ostrich;
From the Bumble bee bat to the Elephant; and
From the Blue Whale to the Anglerfish
To what shall I compare Your perfect designs
It has being from eternity
The ancient of days is sovereign owner of all creations
How marvelous and gracious are You
In the beauty of Your Holiness.

christian poem god is real

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