“ I watched till thrones were put in place
And the ancient of days was seated;
His garment was white as snow,
And the hair of His head was like pure wool.
His throne was a fiery flame
Its wheels a burning fire
“…The court was seated
And the books were opened” (Dan. 7:9-10)

How it begins
Adam, the first in the image of God
The only God’s image among terrestrials
The splendor of the Lord in Eden
An associate of splendor in the cool of the day
What a glorious splendor
However, sin sets disobedience as bait
Man falls for the bait
Adam, your freedom in Eden is defied
The occasion for freedom turns to disobedience (sin)
“Adam, where are you?
Disobedience backfires; it turns freedom to fear

Oh my God, my God
Where did I miss the mark?
My sin echoes; my disobedience speaks within me
Where can I hide?
Is He not omniscient?
Does the creator of the eye not see?
Behold, is the universe not crystal clear to Him?
God sees beyond external
The evil intent of man’s heart is displayed on His monitor

Excuse is handicap
Before I was born, He formed me; so?
It is no justification for sin and waywardness
After all, I am human; then?
No matter how I walk, there is movement of the head
Oh my soul, stop criticism and contention with the chief justice
Sin is smoke; it cannot be caged
Sin is like blood
Like the blood of Abel, it speaks
Stop criticism, stop contention
Eve blamed the snake; Adam blamed God
All are excuses
Your self-centeredness caused your sin
In return, sin caused your self-defeat

Sin echoes
I am alive; I entered you; and I am your desire
I love the inner emotion part of you
To caused your chronically mentally illness
Influenced you like alcohol or drug
Temporarily sets you off guard
I used you and garbage you
I caused you to fall and temporarily hide you
I will reveal your hideout
I am responsible for the Law
Without me, there is no Law
I caused the Law; the Law convicts you
I become a thorn in you flesh

Sin breeds sin
Oh, that Israel will drive out its unholy neighbor (Jos.2)
Mortify your members that are in the world
Exposure of sin is inevitable no matter how long it is hidden
David engaged adultery
Adultery breeds murder of Uriah
However, murder uncovers David’s adultery with Bathsheba

Your sin will be rewarded
Excuse is no justification in judgment
Excuses failed to pardon Adam and Eve (Gen. 3:16-9)
The temple altar failed to protect Joab (1Ki. 2:26-34)
Guilty conscience condemned Judas Iscariot (Matt. 27:3-5)
The Holy Spirit convicted Ananias with Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11)
What is your excuse?

Your sin will locate you
Wealth, riches, position, fame, ethics, moral or spirituality
All will fail to cover any sin
Truth will reveal every secret sin
Confession stops the bleeding of sin
U-turn from sin is true repentance
The only course to true liberation from sin

Jesus: the way, truth and life
Gratitude to our God through our Lord Jesus
The complete knowledge and understanding of our weakness
Our trust and sympathizer
Our intercessor and advocate
In him, we are liberated from sin, its power and consequence

By Lawrence Abitogun

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Category: Christian Poems

About the Author

Lawrence B. Abitogun, called by the special grace of the Almighty God through our Lord Jesus Christ; by the empowerment of the Holy Ghost, witnessing and preaching the gospel to the world, was born to a Christian parents at Uso, Ondo state, Nigeria. He received his elementary and secondary education in Nigeria from 1959-1971. He obtained a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a Master of Science in Industrial Arts at North Texas State University, Denton TX USA in 1979 and 1982 respectively.

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