“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds”            (2Cor. 10:4)

Nearly all the battles won by the Israelites that were recorded in the Bible were won through divine intervention. The foundation, upon which Christianity is built, is the history of the Israelites and that of the apostle doctrine as revealed by Christ. Therefore, our weapon to fight our battle cannot be different from that of the old.

Victory depends more on the spiritual state, the degree of dependence and obedience to God, not according to the earthly strength or wisdom. A battle, fight or struggle of life is not won or overcome by the amount of weapon or strength we have but by the backing of God’s miraculous intervention. Examples of such miraculous interventions are the victories won through singing and praising to the Lord – the fall of Jericho and Jehoshaphat’s victory over the four neighboring nations.

If victory comes by strength or military power, America would not have lost the Vietnam War, or the Afghanistan war that has lasted for 10 years without any sign of victory in sight. The Israelite ought not to have won any battle in the wilderness because there was no mention of them living Egypt with any military weapon. However, because God was with them, they were victorious over their enemies.
Who can conceive the battle weapon of the Lord
When one reads the Bible and history, you wonder how God fought on behalf of his children. He uses heavenly and earthly weapons to fight their battles. He uses far away and nearby things to cause terror. Some weapons are within our reach; unless God reveals them unto us, we don’t see or know. We don’t see them because we distance ourselves from God.

God uses both offensive and defensive weapon to fight for his children. No one can conceive the offensive weapon of the Lord; He uses earthly and heavenly weapons to launch attack. Some of the biblical examples are
Offensive weapons of God
•    The rod of Moses which wrought many miracle in Egypt and the wilderness
•    The spear of Joshua which he used to conquer in war
•    The Jaw of an ass used by Samson to kill 1000 philistines
•    The fling stone of David that killed Goliath
•    One angel slaughtered 185000 soldiers in one night
•    The angel that slew the first born of the Egyptians
•    God uses nature like thunder,  hail, Water in form of flood and sound

Defensive weapons of God
God uses defensive weapons to defend and protect us when in trouble. The Bible says we should not fear when passing through waters and fire of life because the Lord is always with us (Is. 43:1-5).
•    The water through which the Israelites were delivered drown the Egyptians
•    The three Hebrews were delivered from the fiery furnace
•    The shutting up of the lions’ mouth to deliver Daniel
•    Recall of Saul from pursuing David
•    The sound that scattered the siege against Israel in the days of Elisha

Victory and success belongs to God
It is sadden to hear people attributing success to their ability, intelligence or strength, overlooking the fact that God is the source of all victories (1Chro. 14:15). Our strength is in the Lord. True success in life cannot be achieved apart from knowing and doing the will of God.

When faced with threats of life, or when nations rise against you, consider it not too deep or too big to overcome. The more you are convinced about their strength or bigness, the more you become hopeless and entangled in your own fear. However, when you focus on the Lord, you are able to rise above the threats.

Therefore, success requires
1.    God’s favor – only when a Christian remains in God’s sphere
2.    Complete trust in God (Jn. 14:1).

By Lawrence Abitogun

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