“In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple” (Is. 6:1).

Why was it after the death of Uzziah that the Lord revealed Himself in the temple? There were some events that happened before this incident and they could cause the glory of God not to be revealed among God’s people or in the life of a child of God.

Uzziah’s background

Uzziah or otherwise known as Azariah was a king of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, (2 Chronicles 26:1) Uzziah was 16 years old when he became king of Judah and reigned for 52 years. Uzziah was struck with leprosy for disobeying God (2 Kings 15:5, 2 Chronicles 26:19-21); his son Jotham took over the government, with Uzziah living in isolation until his death

His reign was very prosperous. In the earlier part of his reign, under the influence of a prophet named Zechariah, he was faithful to God, and did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord (2 Kings 15:3; 2 Chronicles 26:4-5)

His reign marked the beginning of the age of engineering in Israel, thus strengthens the army of Israel and consequently gave Israel victory over the territories around her.

However, pride entered Uzziah’s heart and overwhelmed him; this led to his downfall.  The scripture states,

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (Pro. 16:18). He entered the temple of Jehovah to burn incense on the altar of incense, a duty that was assigned to only the priest,

“It is not for you, Uzziah, to burn incense to the Lord, but for the priests, the sons of Aaron, who are consecrated to burn incense” (2Chro. 26:18)/

He was warned by 80 priests not to exercise this priestly duty, but he refused to yield to the warning, he went ahead and wanting to carry out his self-will. Right there, he was struck with leprosy. Self-will has now become the modern day form of idolatry and it is a destructive agent. A believer must always guide him/her self spiritually before taking any decision and making sure it does not sidetrack the will of God.

As a believer, do not take God for granted that He is Merciful, He is also to be feared. What then will happen when you are caught up in the day of your visitation or in the day of the Lord; either when Christ appeared coming from the sky or the day you die, or the day judgment caught up with your sin where there will be no opportunity to repent.

You can only repent when you are still alive; no repentance in death (Heb. 9:27).

If the head of a nation attracts the wrath of God, it affects the whole nation; likewise, if something is wrong with your brain as a person, it affects your whole body. That was why the glory of God disappeared in Israel when Uzziah was struck with leprosy. A leper does not live in the community but in isolation.  Uzziah, being the head of Israel and one who represents God among his people was driven into isolation; it means the presence of God that he represents was no more among the people.

The spirit of God does not cohabit with sin – God abhorred pride; when a Christian in overwhelmed with sin, the sin separates him/herself from the presence of God. Sin of any type, and whatever degree it may be termed, it clouds and blocks God’s revelation to that nation or Christian.

For three year that Uzziah was leprosy, there was probably no revelation in Israel, or to say, the glory of God departed from Israel. Hence, after the death of Uzziah, Isaiah saw the glory of God appeared, filling the temple again. When a child of God genuinely repents of his/her sin, the glory of God fills such a life again.


In the days of Eli, when Israel was under the rule of God, Eli was old and his eyes grew dim and could not see. The Bible stated that the lamp of God was about to go out. The sons of Eli who ought to take after their father and carry on the work of the tabernacle were corrupt and did not know the Lord. Because the lamp was going out and Eli’s eyes were dim and no one to put on the light in the temple, there was no revelation and the word of God was rare. The head cannot see and the children were corrupt; how can there be revelation. Not until Samuel was growing up that revelation returns to Israel (1Sam.3:1-4).

The vision Isaiah saw was like what happened during the time of Eli. Before he saw the vision, a sinful king was still in Judah, but after the death of Uzziah, God showed Himself again.

Isaiah saw the vision, the glory of God again in Judah after Uzziah who held Judah captive from getting vision was no more. Like any other human being, no one can withstand the revelation of God; the vision caused Isaiah to start confessing his own iniquity (Rom.3:23). For anyone to see the glory of God, such must pour out him/her self in sincerity of heart just as Isaiah did and let God Himself fill their life.

Lesson from the sin of Uzziah

Sins of Uzziah – can apply to any believer

  • He kicked against the commandment of God
  • He refused to heed the warning of the 80 priests
  • Sin of pride entered his life – any sin will distance a believer from God
  • He puts himself in the position of God – self-will
  • He has no fear of God in him anymore – refusing spiritual warning


Effect of the sins of Uzziah – can apply to any Christian

  • Clouds one’s spiritual vision – debased mind
  • No revelation or answer to prayers from God
  • He was separated from the presence of God
  • He was separated from his people

Penalty for Uzziah’s sin – can apply to any Christian

  • Struck with irredeemable sickness – could be damaging beyond recovery, even to death
  • Living in isolation



  • Return unto the Lord
  • Repent from your sin while it is still possible before judgment
  • Rid yourself of anything that can stand between you and God
  • Rid yourself of anything that can separate you eternally from the presence of God


The likeness of Uzziah in today’s Christendom

Uzziah is likening to a backslidden Christian who took the grace of God for granted, turning his/her liberty to do that which is contrary to the commandment of God. It doesn’t matter how long a Christian has been serving the Lord, but to serve him to the end faithfully matters most (Ezek. 18:30-). There is the need for a child of God to remain in Christ to the end.  We sometimes make the mistake that judgment is reserved till after death, but some irredeemable judgments do catch up with some people when they are still alive.

King Uzziah represents everything that can distance a child of God from seeing the glory of God in his/her life. The moment those Uzziah-like things are removed, that child of God will start seeing the revelation of God and He will start revealing Himself to him/her.

The sin of Uzziah trying to offer incense against the command of God brought upon him the disease of leprosy. A leper does not live among the congregation, and this is the head of Judah, God cannot live with anyone who put him/her self above Him. Hence, revelation ceased in Israel and did not come back until the Uzziah (representing sin, self-will, pride, arrogance, obstinacy etc.) was rid of from Judah.

You as a Christian, called the temple of God, if you need revelation of God in your life, you need to rid yourself of any ‘Uzziah’.


By Lawrence Abitogun


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