Is there any man today who still seeks after the heart of God? Do we still have men like David who truly wants to know the will of God? God’s word is more revealing today than ever, may be. There were two incidents concerning David, which still surprises me up until today.

1.     How enemies can capture his wives and children and would want to wait for God’s directive, before pursuing them (1Sam.30).

2.     Two times, he had the opportunity to kill his adversary, Saul the king, but he said he would not touch God’s anointed (1Sam. 26:9-11).

amazing grace words Who Seeks After the Heart of God?Was David a coward for not pursuing the enemies immediately? Assuming he was, was he a coward again for not killing Saul? Let us ask ourselves, if we were in the position of David, do we need any permission before we execute any judgment on these two incidents. This is what makes David different from every Christians today, always seeking the will of God.

I am not surprise that the Messiah came through David’s lineage: neither am I surprise that the Messiah would not call for legions to avenge on His captors. Like father; like son: always seeking to know the will of God. When Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane, He allowed the will of God to prevail over His own will. (Matt. 26:39)

A true Christian does the will of God, does not take contrary decision against the will of God or doing that, which is against the word of God. Like David, every man possesses strength and weakness, good and bad character; however, how individual handles each situation differs.

How a man seeks after the heart of God?

While in sin or error

As is common to every man born of a woman, we are all prone to committing sins and making errors. David’s sins were adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah; and his errors were the making of a new cart to convey the Ark of covenant and the census of Israel and Judah.

When David realizes his sins and errors, he acknowledged them, he repented of his actions, and he made a U-turn by not engaging in the acts anymore (Acts 3:19). He admitted being guilty and did not blame God or anybody for it. That is a man who knows the will of God.

Many Christians today find it difficult to break away from any enjoyment derived from any sin or unrighteous gains or worldliness. A man who seeks to do the will of God separates himself from the accursed things.

In normal life

A man who seeks after the heart of God would possess the following attributes

  1. He is in good relationship with God.
  2. Does not rely on his strength or ability, but depends on God.
  3. He is a man of integrity. David fulfilled his promise to Jonathan
  4. Once  he repented of a particular sin, will never go back to that sin
  5. He is Obedient and delight in the word of God
  6. He has the fear of God always
  7. He embraces all the fruits of the spirit
  8. He is peaceful and seeking after the peace of all men
  9. Appreciating, thanking and praising the Lord
  10. Quick to hear; slow to answer
  11. Always asking God’s directive before embarking on any undertaking

All David’s errors and all he did of his own volition, backfires; however, a man who seeks after the heart of God, accepts chastisement and correction of the Lord.

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