Moments in life that a Christian passes through are necessary and significant. Every moment is significant to that Christian, his environment and to humanity. In every moment, whatever situation, in whatever state one is, there is a purpose.

Significance of that moment may be

· For divine purpose

· For history purpose

· To strengthen a Christian spiritually and physically

· For the Christian and others to learn a lesson

· For security reason

· To expose the potential in a person

· To refine and fine-tune a course

· To acquire wisdom, knowledge and understanding

· To remove obstacles and barriers in the way

In all these and more, a Christian should look at every moment as God working or acting in his/her behalf.

Moment has a purpose

David said, “Is there not a cause” 1Sam. 17:29, there was a reason Jesse sent David to the field, humanly viewed as supplying provisions to his brothers. However, it turned out to be a divine purpose or to say a mission. It was a moment of divine assignment for David to expose his potential, and utilizing it to destroy the enemies of the Lord (1sam. 17).

In the days of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Jews were always avoiding passing through Samaria. However, the Bible says, “Jesus needed to go through Samaria”, not because it was the shortest route between Judea and Galilee, but because of divine revelation. He must be revealed to the Samaritans that He is the Christ (Jn. 4:3-).

Moments in life

Life is a process; there is no shortcut to having a successful and accomplished life. Every moment in the life of a Christian is significant and it has a divine purpose attached to it. Life’s ambition or goal cannot be perfect unless it goes through the normal course. A moment missed in that course could result to failure in life.

Moments can be positively – joyous, happy, loving, hopeful, easy, smooth, and comfortable, progressive, healthy, achieving, successful or blessing. On the other hand, moments can be negatively – trial, sorrowful, hateful, tearing, lacking, tough, rough, hardship, difficult, slack or unhealthy.

Any moment can be a decisive point for success in life, there could be a shaking of faith; however, see every moment as a necessary point of significance. Good things come out of every moment (pleasant or unpleasant) for a child of God. The scripture says, “… All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28).

Live every moment in obedience to God’s commandment

How far you have been coming or how far you have to go is not as important as taking heed of every moment. The road to any promise land is not rosy, but those who will be careful to observe and obedience to God’s directive will enjoy every moment.

Isaac obeyed God and stayed in Gerar. The land of Gerar was a curse for the ungodly, while it turned out to be a blessing for Isaac who represents the godly (Gen. 22). At any moment, always hope for something good to happen. There is no faith where there is no hope.

Every moment is significant and must be lived for God. God intervenes in the affairs of this world, especially, He is aware of the situation affecting His children, and He acts in their behalf. As long as a person remains a Christian, the Lord will take him/her through moments of life that will be meaningful and significant.

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