Problem or difficulty never cease from facing humankind as long as he/she remains on the surface of this earth. Problem or difficulty has no regard of persons. This means that social status; race, gender, age, or other human statement of a person cannot affect or prevent a person from having it. Some problems are short lived, while some lingered. Whichever form your problem may be; both require solution. Some are short lived because the solutions are within the reach and capability of man. However, there are many problems, which linger because the solutions are not within the reach of man or man is not capable of finding solutions to them.

A lingering problem is a problem, which does not get immediate solution to it and may remain as long as the solution is not attainable. Lingering problems are of different nature, some are physical, spiritual, natural, material, emotional or mental. Approach to solving those problems takes different channels and means. Most of the time, solutions to these lingering problems are beyond man’s capability, they require divine intervention. Not all lingering problems can be solved by man expertise, but all can be solved divinely.

I want to appreciate the fact that God had endowed men/women of diverse profession with the spirit of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to proffer solution to problems that face man on earth.

I remember when I was young, whenever anybody had an ailment, that person could easily get a curing medicine to buy on the counter: or, a doctor would diagnose and prescribe drugs, which one could easily get to buy on the counter without having to go through a designated drug store that is linked with an insurance company. The job that one doctor would do effectively in those days is now being done by twenty doctors. A patient today will have to go through the twenty doctors before he/she could get a drug prescription. Pharmaceutical companies are no more producing medicines that can cure but only the ones that would relieve so that you can quickly come back to buy another. In addition, if you will ever get the ones to cure, you will have to spend your life savings to the doctors before you get such prescription.

God Almighty has the solution to all problems and He has distributed these solutions through His representatives on earth, namely, the ministers in the house of God and professionals in diverse fields.

Biblical examples of a lingering infirmity that receives solution

In the book of 2kings chapter 5, we read about Naaman, the commander of the army of the king ofSyria. He was a great man of honorable position in those days and relatively, the same to the present day. However, he was a leper. Imagine a man of his caliber, of whom we can say money would not be his problem to take care of his predicament. However, money cannot solve most problems. Uncountable rich men/women in our society today are suffering with one infirmity or the other covered under their garment.

Naaman was informed by his maid of the possibility of being healed in Israel. He shared the information with his wife and never hesitated to go to Israel without minding the consequence that may happen to him in the camp of his enemy. The Bible declared that “Therefore, do not cast away your confidence (boldness) which has great reward” (Heb. 10:35). He was healed by obeying the directive given to him by Elisha, the prophet, even though it was a reluctant obedience.

In the book of Mark, chapter 5 verses 25-34, we read about the woman with hemorrhage (issue of blood). She would probably be a rich woman or someone from a rich family. For twelve years, she was going from one physician to another. She did not get any cure until she touched the helm of Jesus’ garment. Again, money will not solve most problems. The woman heard about Jesus and she came behind Him, believing that if she could touch Jesus’ cloth, she would be healed.

What does the two recipients of the healing have in common, faith in Jesus Christ. Then, they followed up with action without any procrastination. A minute delaymay cost them their miracles.

Recent example

Recently, my wife was having pains in part of the body and her blood pressure was shooting up. We went to our family doctor who prescribed some drugs that will help to, at least reduce the blood pressure. After a while, the blood pressure persists and the next observation was that my wife started having part of her body swollen up. The doctor changed her prescription. The next observation was that my wife could not sleep in the night. More drugs were prescribed. The problem did not abate. My wife started receiving some heat from her forearm and her tight.

My children were a little worried concerning my wife’s health condition. One of them advised that my wife should go to the emergency section so that she can be diagnosed properly. After diagnosing, nothing was found. My son consulted one of his doctor friends who condemned some of the early treatments. She gave her own prescription, which we bought: but never gave a better result; problem persists.

All along, we have been praying for divine intervention for healing. Haven tried these two doctors; I concluded that other doctors would not do better. What we have to do is to intensify our prayer. We went into seven days fasting and prayer, rebuking whatever may be behind the unabated sickness by placing the Bible on every parts of the body that were affected; and claiming the word of God upon them through the name of Jesus Christ. Just by the time we were rounding up the prayer on the seventh day, she started having an unbelievable relief. A few days later, all the pains were gone. The Holy Spirit ministered to us that she should let off  anxieties and resentment from her mind, which she did by the help of the Holy Spirit. She has been feeling fine since the divine intervention.

All the time, however small an infirmity may be, either lingering or not, as a Christian we must pray and have faith that God is able to heal our infirmity.

Does this mean that the doctors cannot heal this ailment? Not at all. God had given medical practitioners the knowledge and ability to cure all sicknesses and diseases. However, many have misused and abused this endowment. The whole world is now living at the mercy of the pharmaceutical companies, failing to produce a curing medicine: and has giving opportunity for the insurance companies to exploit and extorting patients through their connections with dubious practices of many hospitals and doctors.

Many Christians are wandering with their lingering problems, looking for a deliverer outside the church, looking for solution somewhere while the solution is hanging on them. Does this mean that healing or solution to problem is found only in the church? No. as I have mentioned earlier, the society is so corrupt that you don’t even know who is a genuine solution provider.

The first thing to do when battling a lingering problem is to present your case before the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient God, who knows all about your situation. Pray for divine intervention and receive a divine directive where to get a good solution provider. How He will do it, is not your business. His ways are different from ours. However, by coming to Him (Matt. 11:28-30), have faith in Him (Heb. 11:11-12), believing in Him (Mk. 9:23-24) and obeying (2Ki. 5:9-14) his directive, are the four cardinals to solving a lingering infirmity or problem.

What is the nature of your lingering problem that needs solution, is it spiritual, physical, emotional, material or mental; come, believe and have faith in God through our Lord Jesus, solution to your lingering problem is today; not tomorrow.

By Lawrence Abitogun

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