I remember a time I was young, there was a famine in my father’s household. I called it famine in my father’s because things were so hard up for my father. He finds it hard to pay our school fees, to worsen the situation; he hardly put down any money for food. As a cash crop farmer, his farm proceeds yielded very low that year.

In that year, the early rain did not come as expected in early February until April. The marshy land to plant early maize was dried up. Therefore, the famine stretched beyond normal. As you know, when the head of the house cannot provide for his house, he sometimes loses his authority and respect. But, thanks be to God Almighty who has given us a loving mother.

Throughout the famine, my mother was always there for my father. Alternately, she would go to three different markets every other day to buy and sell, thereby having some money to fill the gap created by the famine. She pays our school fees and she makes sure that we have food to eat, and never at anytime charged or insulted my father for lacking in his responsibility; “for better, for worse”.

The Bible says,

  • “An excellent wife is the crown of her husband” (Pro. 12:4a).
  • “He who finds a wife(good one) finds a good thing; and obtains favor from the Lord” (Pro.18:22)
  • “Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies” (Pro. 31:10).

Originally, the relationship between man and woman does not involve inferiority, but companionship. Woman lost her equality with man in the Garden of Eden because of her disobedience to God’s instruction. The result of that disobedience reduced her status to be under that of man.  Therefore, she would continue to be under the lordship of the man and would not be able to do anything without him.

However, her submission is not an indication of inferiority but she retains her role as a subordinate. As Christians, man is not independent of the woman, neither, is the woman independent of the man. Man without woman or woman without man does not meet God’s expectation of a helper.

Before a woman can be the glory of her husband, she must be there for the Husband every moment, being a covering for him both at home and outside. Her character, reputation and outlook will either give respect or disrespect for the husband. The Bible says,

“The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her         hand” (Pro. 14:1).

An ideal woman of glory

  • Speaks of excellence
  • Morally approved
  • Supports the husband and family
  • Noble and decent
  • Skillful and hardworking
  • Generous and of great concern for others
  • Exploits and Industrious
  • Her reputation earns her husband respect
  • Fears the Lord
  • Submit to her husband as to the Lord

Wife, you are a helper comparable to your husband, a companion just like him. You are equally intelligent, with equal personality, ethical and morally sensitive; and to crown it all, women are more spiritual than men today.

Are you a glory to your husband?

By Lawrence Abitogun

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