Many have taken good decisions in life that are gold mines, but remain a dream not fulfilled, because of the fear of the unknown. Many revelations, dreams, visions, goals and ideas have become unfulfilled because of envisaging problems, histories of many that have failed in the like ventures; and mostly, lack divine empowerment to propel them into action to pursue.


A man thought in his mind to search for where he could get honey. After searching for a long time, he found traces of flying honeybees. In his further quest to know more about the source of these honeybees, it led him to around a rock. Around this rock, he saw some bees flying in and out of the rock through a small opening. This caused the first deep breath in the heart of this man that he has finally got to a solution to his quest. However, how will he get the honey? One problem solved is the beginning to a new one.

v     Pray for spiritual revelation for what to pursue in Year 2013.

My Uncle told me a parable long time ago when I wanted to travel out of my country to theUnited States of America. He said that my journey to theUSAis like a man who is seeking honey from the inside of a rock. He must sharpen his axe well; he must not look at the bruised palm of his hands while striking the rock; he must not groan of the pains received because of the bruises; and he said, remember the son of who you are. Finally, he said that after enduring through the rigorous labor and having a breakthrough into the rock and to the beehives, there lies awaiting, “sweetness”.

v     Pray for spiritual and physical empowerment to succeed in all you ventures in Year 2013

The journey of a man on earth is a pursuit. All his undertakings are a pursuit. When he pursues, he has a goal; his aim is to overtake, i.e. to meet that goal: and in the course of his pursuits or in the course of his/her life journey so far, there are losses that must be recovered. In year 2013, you need to stand up to the task, what it will take to achieve your goal must be pursue.

Warning; do not pursue on your own volition; do not stay independent of God in your thought; but seek the will of God before you embark on anything.


Topic background (1Samuel 29 and 30)

David was a man like any other man; but he was different because he was a man after the heart of God. This is exactly how every man ought to seek after the heart of God; seeking to do the will of God; and asking how to go about the will of God. However, on the contrary, it baffles me how every man knows the will of God and fail to do it; and not that alone, but rather than seeking the heart of God, they seek to do the desires of their own heart.

David was to go to war with the Philistine, leaving behind his wives and children and the families of his group in the camp at Ziklag While on their way to the war front, the Philistine rejected David and his group, forbidden them from joining the philistine forces to fight against Israel, which is the home nation of David. So David and his group returned to their camp at Ziklag (1Sam. 29)

When David and his men got back to Ziklag (1Sam. 30:1-19), the Amalekites had invaded their camp at Ziklag, burned it with fire and took captive their wives and children and all that were with them, from small to great ; they did not kill anyone, but carried them away and went their way.

v     Pray for protection over yourself, your family and your possession against vandals and armed robbers in Year 2013.

The Bible further says, “Now David was greatly distressed, for the people spoke of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and his daughters. But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God.” Apostle Paul said, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. (1Sam. 30:6b)

v     Pray for divine empowerment to strengthen you whenever you are down or faced with challenges in Year 2013.

David faced a serious crisis in his leadership. He was depressed not only because of his personal grief but by the difficult situation he found himself. Ordinarily, any man would not wait a second to go after the Amelikite in order to save his family. But, instead of hurrying to go after them, David seeks first the will of God. David knew where to turn to in a time of crisis. He had learned to wait on God, confident of God eventual deliverance.

David requested that the ephod be brought to him, in order to seek the will of God. In year 2013, we must learn to seek God’s approval in whatever we set our minds in order to determine His will. So David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I pursue this troop? Shall I overtake them? ”And He (the Lord) answered him, Pursue, for you shall surely overtake them and without fail recover all.Read the rest of the story, 1Samuel 30.

v     Prayer: This year 2013, you will pursue your goal; you will surely overtake and without failing you will recover all your losses in Jesus name. Amen.


To pursue

Pursue is the art of following up with a plan and strategy to achieve a set goal, purpose or to accomplish a mission.

The need to pursue

  • We pursue in order to possess our losses
  • We pursue to possess our entitlement
  • We pursue to obtain God’s promises concerning our life
  • In any works of life, it requires advance – limitless aspiration to achieve the highest point of success.
  • Many are passionate about something that worth given it what it takes to get it – Goal, Undertaking, Plan or higher education etc.
  • In pursuing, the road opens the door to more opportunities which will add more to your intended expectation.

To achieve all these aspirations, it requires us not to sit down expecting “manna” to fall from heaven; rather, we need to move into action and do the needful to achieve our purpose.

v     Pray for empowerment to pursue with a purpose in Year 2013

Determining to pursue

This period is decision time to pursue or not, decision time to think whether the whole mission worth it or not. This is the time, your mind waves here and there. It is a time the thought of many likely obstacles and problems in the pursuing period will come to mind. It is a time to try to determine causes of any likely problems; thinking of immediate problems, the unforeseen and imaginary fears. This is the time to get discouraged or to summon courage: a time to put on boldness or be overwhelmed with fear. It is a time to think according to the economist, the SWOT analysis – what is your strength; your weakness; your opportunity; and your threats. At the end, all these thoughts will influence your decision – to pursue or not.

As it is common to every undertakings or the start of anything, the take off is one of the most difficult stage of the whole process. I remember when I was in secondary school, anytime I am about to write an essay, the most difficult part is the introduction, especially, the beginning sentence. The body and the conclusion of the essay run smoothly after a good introduction. However, the whole essay has to be written grammatically, with correct spellings, punctuation and so on; these are like rules that follow the take off.

In the same vein, the starting of any pursuit is a critical point to all who is embarking on anything. However, decision becomes easier when we seek spiritual guidance; when we had taken the same step that David took – by asking God whether to embark on a particular thought or not.

v     Pray for discerning spirit to guide you in all decisions to be taken in Year 2013.

Before pursuing

What are your goals in the New Year; what do you plan to chase after; have you been having problem catching up with something or to overtake? May be you need spiritual empowerment in your strive to achieve or obtain something for a period of time. What are the things we pursue in life? They can be tangible goods or intangible goods. As a child of God, pursue first intangible goods that open the door to tangible goods. The Bible says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matt.6:33) – desiring God’s righteous rule over our decisions and demonstrating the fruit of the spirit toward others (1Cor. 10:24) “Let no one seek his own, but each one the other’s well-being”.

v     Pray for empowerment to strive to achieve and obtain your goals in Year 2013

The following are some steps to take

  • Seek the will of God through prayer; He knows how you will know His will. Sometimes we feel we have claim or right to certain things and we want to pursue; think and seek divine guidance before embarking on anything. Not all that glitters are goal; not all lawful things are expedient or edifying (1Cor. 10:23). Do not pursue an ungodly venture or mission. God has the answer to who, what, when, where, how and why about anything. Therefore, Let God decides for you.

v     Pray for empowerment to seek God’s will; and to do the right thing in Year 2013.

  • Strengthen yourself in the Lord your God. Like David, believers must know where to turn in time of crisis. Sufficiency of strength to pursue and to overtake issues of life is found only in Jesus Christ. David wouldn’t have been able to defeat Goliath if not because he relied on the strength of God. “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied” (1Sam. 17:45). Every pursuit in life is like a “giant”, a mountain that must be surmounted.

v     Pray for victory over any “giant” (enemy) that crosses your path of pursuit in Year 2013.

  • Do not weary or discourage. The Lord told Joshua, “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Jos. 1:9). Avoid any side attraction or any discouragement; instead, encourage yourself in the Lord; be focused.

v     Pray for empowerment to overcome fear, discouragement and distraction in Year 2013.

  • Do not delay to start, procrastination could be costly. Action follows “go ahead”. “Faith without work is dead” (Jas. 2:20). With our trust and faith in God, as human being, there are certain obligations that we must do within our given power; to “tender” i.e. work or take action. Isaac sowed in Gerra; he did not sit down because he had inherited Abraham’s blessing, but he built upon it by sowing and reaping hundred folds even in the year when there was famine (Gen. 26:12-14).

v     Pray against any power or agent of procrastination that crosses your path of progress to cause delay or stagnation in year 2013.  

  • Learn to wait on the Lord (Ps 40:1-3; Is. 40:31). “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”


  • Develop an unshaken faithFaith destroys negative thought. What faith does,
  1. Encouraging you rather than being discourage
  2. Gives you boldness rather than being dismay
  3. Makes you think positively rather than being negative
  4. Builds your confidence rather than being dejected
  5. Removes fear and moves you forward
  6. Makes impossibility to be possible for good

All these together are spiritual preparedness to empower a child of God to pursue his/her aspirations. You are ready to overtake.

v     Pray for spiritual and physical equipping and preparedness to face the challenges of year 2013.


To overtake

To overtake is to catch up with (meeting the target) and pass (be successful) in whatever you pursue – to capture, to move ahead of, accomplishment, success, goal, plan, business, and all train of godly thoughts that cut across your mind; and to do better than former state.

After you have pursued as a child of God, you must be positively minded that you will overtake; never be negative about what you pursue because you have seek the approval of your mission from God before you started. The Bible says, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” (Heb. 11:6).

v     Pray for unshaken faith and for the Lord to help your unbelief.

There are times you know what you intend to do, you even draw the plans you are going to follow; there are times you have an idea and what the result of your undertaking will be. However, there are some unforeseen circumstances that will pop up on the way as you progress which will pose as hindrances beyond your control. Because you have never travel that way or engage in that undertaking before, the Lord is your ultimate Master who is able and will lead you. The way and manner He will do it lies with Him and He will direct you as long as you trusted in Him.

Sometimes, your plan may seems to work perfectly, that is because, you have planned according to the will of God. It makes the whole process easy and fast as if you are genius or having a supernatural power which you used. For that, people will call you different names, whereas, you were working according to the will and planning of God.

v     Pray for divine strategy and empowerment to help you run the race of life with ease in year 2013.

 Do not fear to overtake

Today, many are bitter and would start to blame themselves for taking the step to do something simply because of their lack of confidence to pursue. Some would blame God for their own weakness (laziness, improper planning, and lack of knowledge) or the person who has given them the advice to pursue whatever. Why are they that critical? They have no faith in God, no faith in their goal and no faith in themselves to subdue and possess.

Moses said to the Israelites by theRed sea,

“fear not; stand still and see the salvation of the Lord

            which He will work for you today ,

           for the Egyptians you have seen today,

           you shall never see again.

The Lord shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” (Ex. 14:13-14)

After Moses had spoken the word of faith, the Lord told him, “Why do you cry unto Me? Tell the people that they go forward”. Uncountable number of times, it has been repeatedly said in the bible that “fear not”.

What fear does are

  1. It blocks vision
  2. It dashes away hope
  3. It brings failure
  4. It makes capability incapable
  5. It makes possibility impossible
  6. It confuses the mind
  7. It is an agent of adversities.
  8. It slows down or kill the process of transition
  9. It neutralizes the effect of faith to make goals or hopes become reality.

“Fear not” is the key that ignites a person to move forward into the unknown. Faith overcomes fear of the unknown.

v     Pray for empowerment for and of the word of God to work in your favor and move you forward continually in Year 2013.

In the New Year, you must pursue with boldness in order to overtake and recover. The Bible says, “Therefore do not cast away your confidence (boldness), which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise:” (Heb 10:35).

I once told my brother who is a contractor not to be afraid to penetrate into any office to get contract; that his goal to get a contract is more important than competitors who oppose or harassment by any security or any form of distraction – fear, discouragement, rejection, inferiority complex, encumbrances etc. These are some of the odds that one must overcome to overtake to recover in the New Year.

When the Israelites leftEgypt, their focal point was to get to the promise land as a free nation to serve the Lord and to enjoy the milk and honey that was awaiting them. For them to stay focus, they must avoid distraction of any attraction or not allowing any side attraction to shift their mind and eyes from the focal point. You need to pursue and penetrate with confidence; confidence in the power of God.

v     pray for empowerment for boldness and confidence to penetrate where God has prepared for you to tap His blessing in Year 2013

Every pursuit is a “Goliath”, a “giant”, a “mountain” etc; and not easily surmounted; however, when a believer strengthens himself in the Lord, he will subdue. No matter how difficult you pursue, do not face it with human power only, but face everything in the power of God. Haven overtake, it is time to recover.


To recover

To recover may mean to reclaim or retrieve; it is to regain literarily or figuratively something or someone. To recover is to obtain again what one has lost possession of – to recover a stolen thing – this was the reason David pursued. To reclaim is to bring back from error or wrong doing – ones relationship with God; or from an undeveloped state. To retrieve is to bring back or restore, especially, something to its former prosperous state – to retrieve ones fortune, health, and destiny etc. let us group what is recovered under  spiritual and physical recovery.

v     pray and personify; I will recover all recoverable in year 2013 in Jesus name

Spiritual recovery

First thing to recover or restore is your relationship with God. In the New Year if you renounce your old sinful ways and take the necessary steps to submit to the will of God, you have realigned with God. Time of refreshing from the Lord and double restoration of spiritual nourishment will come. Spiritually, every fruit of the spirit will start manifesting.

The following fruits will manifest

  • Living a life full of love; loving, forgiving and being loved
  • Life full of joy; you cannot be in bondage of losses and expect fullness of joy, but in the presence of God, there is fullness of joy.
  • Peace round about; no more living in fear or being hunt by your wickedness.
  • You relate more and tolerate more with others.
  • You are doing good rather than hunting and hurting others.
  • You wax stronger in faith; you overcome every failure.
  • You are contented with the Lord’s blessing rather than envying others possessions.

These and more spiritual benefits will be the source of your happiness; divine medicine,

v     Pray for empowerment for spiritual fruitfulness and divine medicine for your wellness in year 2013.

Physical recovery

When talking of losses and restoration, it is not recognized until you can see with your naked eyes. However, this does not come about until you have reconciled with the Lord and you have been restored spiritually. Spiritual restoration produces happiness; happiness in turn quickens and empowers the body to work and be successful in any undertaking.

The followings are some of the physical recoveries or restoration..

  1. Prosperity – rain of blessing from the Lord is released from above to wet every spiritual and physical dryness in your life (Joel 2:21-27). May be thing have not been working in your favor while you were separated from the Lord; but now, whatever you lay your hand to do prospers.

v     Pray for rain of blessing upon your life, your works and your businesses in Year 2013.

  1.  Restoration of divine health – when you are happy, you are healthy. One of the deadliest diseases is the bitterness of heart. It forms the root to many sicknesses. When you are right with God, you are happy. Happiness as medicine cures bitterness of heart, you are healed (Jer. 30:16-18). Any deformity or dysfunctions in the body because of nervous breakdown is healed.

v     Pray for divine healing on any form or disease/s or sickness that is troubling your life.

  1. Business restoration – new blessings in addition to the losses replace the old losses. The Bible says that the Lord blessed the latter end of Job more than his beginning (Job 42:12).

v     Pray for the blessing of the Lord in all your undertakings in Year 2013.

  1. Restoration of honor – Job lost his honor and respect during the time he lost everything. To worsen the situation, he was despised and reproached. However, when God restored all for him, his honor returned to him. Remembered Joseph, who was formerly disrobed by his brothers, was later enrobed for honor. His brothers came back to pay homage to him. When your ways pleases the Lord, He makes your enemies be at peace with you (Pro. 16:7).

v     Pray that Lord will remove every filthy garment of reproach (poverty, sickness, inferiority complex, ungodly acts, backwardness, waywardness) from your life in year 2013.

  1. Restoration of possessions – there are many ways we lose our possessions in life, some via vandals, fear, or to power unknown. Sometimes when we claimed to be a born again, satan still have his way to robbed us of our possessions. However, God is able to restore all in double fold. He did it for Abraham (Gen. 17) and he did it for Job (Job 42:10b).

v     Pray for deliverance from any physical or spiritual power that will want to rob us of our possessions in year 2013.

v     Pray for restoration of all our past loses.

  1. Restoration of office or position – the bottler lost his position as the king’s cup bearer and was put in prison along with Joseph. According to his dream’s interpretation by Joseph, the bottler was given back his office (Gen 40:12-13). King Nebuchadnezzar was restored back to his throne as soon as he realizes his sin of pride and he gave God His due glory (Dan. 4:34-37). Whatever position or office you have lost because of your separation from God or robbed by satan, God will restore as soon as you reconcile with Him.

v     Pray for restoration of lost position; and promotion in all that concerns you in the new Year.

  1. Restoration of fortune - many are skeptical as to how God will bring about quick restoration of their losses. Their calculation of recovery is mathematical: but divine restoration is not mathematics but on God’s providence. Our Lord Jesus fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fishes. For God, nothing will be impossible (Luke 1:37).

v     Pray for divine providence in all spiritual and physical needs in year 2013.

  1. Restoration for protection – when a believer is not aligned with God, he is prone to diverse spiritual and physical attack. Attack from within and without. Such a believer is not under the umbrella of the Almighty. But, the Bible says, “No weapon formed against you shall prosper…” (Is. 54:7-17).

v     Pray for protection against every evil occurrence (natural or unnatural disaster) that may want to surface in year 2013.

  1. Restoration of scattered homes – many homes have been scattered and shattered especially, homes that has been exposed to various enemy attacks through lack of love between spouse, infidelity between  spouse, parental irresponsibility, addiction of various substances, and other disharmonious and destructive manifestations. The result of which causes disunity in the home. However, at the realization, confession and renunciation of error and reconciliation with God, unity and harmony is restored to the home.

v     Pray for restoration of peace, harmony and love in 70% of homes that have been shattered and scattered in USA as a point of contact to homes in the world.

  1.  Normalization of emotion – many lives have been shattered because of deep emotional felling caused by disappointment, dejection, being hurt, bitterness of heart, bereavement and all situations that raise one’s nerves. God will restore peace normal emotion in our bodies.

v     Pray for those who are emotionally and mentally disturbed in our society in order to give peace a chance.

For all these and more recoveries to actualize, you must be patience to get God’s approval. Sometimes you pursue and overtake; however, restoration might be instance or delayed; if it is the later, wait, it will come. Wait for Gods timing. If the “Pharaoh” and “Herod” of your liFe is not dead, you will not enjoy what you recovered.

Be patient with God

 “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation;                                                                    for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life,                                             which the Lord hath promised to them that love Him” (Jas. 1:2).

Imagine a person who has been struggling for many years to accomplish a set goal and at the very point of achieving, the devil sets an unrighteous or illegitimate success before him. It is unchristian as seen in many believers today the level of lack of patience they exercised when pursuing an undertaking. Many believers struggled in their pursuits; however, they fell short of success towards the tail end. Many have prayed and fasted; many have observed marathon prayer vigil and have denied themselves of many things to appease God in their pursuits. Still, many have failed to achieve at the end.

It is a right attitude to pray and fast, at least it is a sign of humbling oneself before God. It is not a joking matter to pursue to recover, it needs a miraculous turn around which is achievable mostly through prayer and fasting. Our Lord Jesus Christ confirms this that “this kind (miracle or translation to a better state) can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting” (Mk. 9:29). Therefore, no one should blame a believer who is prayerful; especially, when making a request from the Lord.

v     Pray for empowerment and strength to wait on the Lord and strength to overcome pressure of the flesh

However, at the nearest to any success, many people fall into diverse temptations and fail to accomplish, All because they are not patient enough with God’s steady growth.

Beware; be prayerful and if possible with fast in the New Year; give no occasion for the devil to tempt you with its enticements. When you pursue an undertaking, at the nearness to accomplishing that goal, you will feel or smell it. You know then that you are nearer to overtake. You need to be a little patient and wait for God to perfect your recoveries – success, accomplishment, breakthrough, goal, divine health, spiritual growth, possession etc.

Whatever you pursue, pursue in the will of God; pursue without fear; pursue in faith; believe you will subdue: then overtake and recover. In the New Year, you will pursue, overtake and recover all: your life shall be filled with divine sweetness like that of honey. We asked in Jesus name.

I wish you happy and prosperous Year 2013.



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