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As the General Manager of the company I used to work for, one of my responsibilities was to source for customers who would be faithful in handling money to purchase cocoa produce for the company. The company has the money to loan out to customers; however, the company was looking for customers who would utilize the money judiciously. To be qualified for this loan (advance) requires that one is diligent, self-control and long-suffering.

The process is this – the company will advance money to qualify customers based on their ability and capability. Some customers may have the capability to deliver (supply) 25MT of cocoa, while some may not be able to deliver more than 1MT. Increment on advance is based on the rate of turnover. If a customer is advanced to deliver 1MT of cocoa in one week and failed to deliver, such customer would be denied of any future advance increment, because he has been unfaithful to all operational conditions. Advance intended for unfaithful customers will be given to the faithful customers.

However, before I would recommend any customer for an advance, I normally gave them the following advice,

· “Whenever you receive your advance, make sure you use it to buy the produce for which it is intended for.

· Do not use the money to buy personal effects before you start to buy the produce.

· Do not divert our money to buy produce for our competitors.

· Make sure you deliver to time so that you can be trustworthy.

· You may use your profit for whatever you want after you have delivered and your account is balance.

· Again, do not divert our money to buy produce for our competitors”

Customer’s response to this advice before they receive their advance was always, “I will not divert your money”. However, after they have received their advances, very few were faithful, about 5-10% would deliver as promised; about 20% would spend to buy personal effects like car; about 20% would start to build houses; while more than50% diverted their money to buy produce for our competitors who would not give any advance.

At reckoning, only the few faithful ones finished the season without owing to the company any money.

This story is an example of those stewards in the parable of the talents (Matt. 25:14-29). The two stewards who utilized their talent faithfully were commended and given a greater responsibility or to say were given double honor (1Tim. 5:17). They are similar to any of those customers who utilized his money faithfully, whose advance was increased. One the other hand, the steward who buried his talent was stripped of that one and given to him who had many. He is like the customer who did not deliver to time, and was denied of any advance increase, who at reckoning was indebted to the company.

Faithfulness is required of God’s servants – Ministers of God, Christians in all works of life. The Bible says, “It is required in stewards that one be found faithful (1Cor. 4:2). As a Christian, your first responsibility is to preach the gospel, how many converts have you made to reciprocate your own conversion. Are you faithful by not preaching to another person?

Ministers of God, how faithful are you in the discharge of your responsibility, which was committed to your hand. As a worker in the church, are you not eyeing the pulpit as against being faithful to that, which has been committed to you? No matter how small a responsibility may be, it is required that it be discharged with all faithfulness.

Many ministers of God, workers in the church, Christians in every works of life are always thinking that God does not see how faithful they are in carrying out their responsibilities. Unfortunately for them, their faithfulness is being tested while they think God was not supervising them. God cannot be fooled like the way you fool your earthly master with eye service. However, your achievement while the master was not around will testify to your faithfulness. That is why the Bible says we shall all appear before the judgment seat of Christ.

Be you the President of the most powerful nation in the world, or the Pope, or the Archbishop, General overseer of the congregation of the children of God. CEOs of big or small companies, Manager, school Teachers or even the lowest job – a Cleaner: the reward or praise of your task will not be based on the largeness of your responsibility, but the result will justify how faithful you have performed.

Ananias with Sapphira his wife were unfaithful to the declaration of how much they sold their piece of land. The reward of their unfaithfulness was death penalty. (Acts 5:1-11).

Whatever God has given you, whatever ability you have physically, spiritually or material possession is to be used judiciously, or one looses it. How faithful are you into paying your tithe? Are you not one of those who say tithe is under the law and you are now under grace? Now that you are under grace, how faithful are you in giving to the house of God. Are you ignorant of the fact that grace supposed to do above the law?

You are not faithful because you did not fear God; you are complacent, lazy, idle, proud, covetous, greedy, envy, self-willed and worldly. In fact, your zeal is a vain type. Unfaithful Christian is an unprofitable Christian.

Judicious utilization of talent or gift edifies God and others; it should not be for selfish lust. The will of God should be priority before self-pleasing. It is rewarding (1Tim. 5:18; Lk. 10:7c).

There is always heavenly and earthly commendation and reward for faithfulness. Whatever you do, do it well to the glory of God (1Cor. 10:31). As a child of God, you need to be obedient and humble; this will help you to respect and fear God: It will help you to respect any earthly authority, which represents God among His people. Eventually, this will enhance your spiritual, physical and material growth.

Christians need to be profitable (useful) and not unprofitable (not useful) unto the Almighty God. Whoever is not faithful in small thing cannot be faithful in big thing. As God has been faithful to us in all things, likewise, we need to reciprocate this faithfulness unto Him in all things.

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