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There shall be a turning point for you in year 2015

In the journey of life or in any endeavor, there are bound to be difficulties, obstacles, diverse problems and so forth before there can be any success accomplished. It is in the mist of these odds that success and breakthrough will sprout. However, before there can be a breakthrough, there must be a test of faith – you will be “tested”.

Every human being goes through some testing in whatever undertaking they embarked upon.  The aim of testing is not to destroy or make life difficult for any one; but to purge, refine, equip and to prepare a person for a greater thing which is ahead.

In the same way, it is important for a Christian who aspires to get to the stage of Christian maturity to be fully prepared and ready to pass the test of faith. Your major goal as a Christian is to make heaven; however, heaven is a prepared place for prepared people. Likewise, a turning point is for people who are prepared and ready to face challenges of life before and after getting there.

In this prayer bulletin, our story of reference will be that of Joseph in the Holy Bible (Gen 37, 39, 40 and 41). We are all conversant with this story. Joseph was destined to be great based on his dream which he heard. But innocently, he narrated his dream to his half-brothers who turned around wanting to kill that dream.

The dreamer and dream killers: Gen 37: 2-10

Behind any dream, there is always a dream killer; and behind every embankment, there is always an opposition. It is like a word and it’s opposite. The purpose of God for our existence is for good; but the devil is always there to work against that purpose. One thing is this, no matter what the devil may do to accomplish his havoc; the purpose of God always prevails.

God’s timing to accomplish his purpose is always perfect; therefore, as a Christian, you must learn to wait for that right time. While waiting, which I will call the wilderness period; what kind of attitude will you put up during that time until you get to that turning point this New Year. The waiting time may be short or long. Sometimes it may never come; especially, if the waiter puts on a wrong attitude. The attitude an individual puts up in the process of meeting that purpose of God (that turning point) will determine the end result.

What kind of attitude are we talking about?

1.    Attitude to put up when you received a revelation, vision, dream or project planning period etc.

2.    Attitude to put up during waiting time before the turning point

3.    Attitude to put up at the turning point and beyond.

Attitude to put up when you receive revelation, vision, dream or a project planning period etc.

Let what pertains to you be secret to you only. Not all that is in the offing needs be revealed to another person. God’s secret for your life is to be kept to yourself. As Christians, you must not trust any one. Those that you call you confidants are the ones that will reveal your secret or plan to your distractors and enemies.

As a Christian you need to be wise when it comes to telling people about the plan of God for your life or the secret to your success. Let people see what God is doing; let them contemplate how God did it; you are to keep doing what you have to do and keep to yourself the blueprint for your success. Does this mean you cannot share your idea with anyone? Not at all, however, be careful whom to share your secret with.

Do not ally with a wicked person or someone whose character is questionable. No matter what the closeness or relationship you may have with anyone, seek counsel of the Holy Spirit before you ally with that person. There are many people out there who will destroy your good work or hinder you in the way of your destiny (2Chro. 20:35-37).

Our attitude as Christians when we receive a revelation, when we have a vision and when we have a plan or goal demands carefulness. What happen when Joseph had his dream, and what was the consequence of his action?

Lesson from Joseph’s unwise openness – Gen. 37:5-11

We need to learn a lesson from Joseph’s disclosure of his dream to his brothers. Joseph’s destiny for greatness was revealed to him in a dream; however, probably because he was young or ignorant of what was revealed to him, he told it to his brothers. Because of his openness, his brothers hated him, even more, because he was the beloved of their father. You cannot be too open when it comes to what pertains to you.

As a Christian, you need to be guided divinely before you open your mouth to utter anything concerning your aspiration. The intention of Joseph’s brothers was to kill the destiny of Joseph when he was stripped and sold into slavery.

The scripture states

“Now when they saw him afar off, even before he came near them, they conspired against him to kill him. Then they said to one another, “Look, this dreamer is coming! Come therefore, let us now kill him and cast him into some pit; and we shall say, ‘Some wild beast has devoured him.’ We shall see what will become of his dreams!” (Gen. 37:18-20)

If he had told this to his father before telling his brothers, probably his father would have advised him not to tell anyone. This is one reason I advise the youth not to despise the wise counseling of their parents. Your parents will not lead you astray; seek their counseling when it gets to the point where you don’t know what to do. Decision that is not divinely guided can send someone into unprecedented captivity.

In another scenario, Samson said

“If you had not plowed with my heifer,

You would not have solved my riddle!” (Jud. 14:18b)

This proverb was said by Samson after Timnah, the wife-to-be, revealed the answer to the riddle he posed to the philistines; the philistines would not have known the answer to the riddles if Samson had not told it to his wife-to-be; and if the wife-to-be had not leaked the answer to the philistines. Who can be closer to a man than his spouse?

To worsen the whole situation, Samson never learned a lesson from his first mistake. The secret of Samson which he revealed to Delilah caused his untimely tragic death (Jud. 16). The scripture says,

“A man shall eat well by the fruit of his mouth,

But the soul of the unfaithful feeds on violence.

He who guards his mouth preserves his life,

But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction” (Pro. 13:2-3).

In the New Year, let your decision be guided divinely and let your secret be secret to you only. You need to behave wisely: Regardless of your status, behave wisely (1Sam. 18:5, 14, 30).

Attitude to put up during waiting time before the turning point

You will all agree with me that it take some time between the time a woman conceives and the time she delivers her baby. Waiting time is the time between the times you receive your revelation; the time you conceived the idea of your goal; the time you see your vision; and or the time you had your dream to the time they all come to reality.

Before a person gets to that turning point, as a Christian, it is required of you to put on an attitude that is divinely guided. The right spiritual and physical attitudes that you will need in that process which will enhance the achievement of that person’s goal.

The following attitudes are worth noting while waiting for God to take you to your turning point in year 2015.

“    Faithfulness to God, not greed, determines success in life.

It is necessary and important to serve the Lord by being faithful in your doings, both inside and outside the church: Whether you are being watched or not; whether you are being supervised or not; faithfulness is required of you. The basic spiritual condition of a Christian can be found in the degree of his/her faithfulness towards God. See all your activities to man or any authority as being unto God who sees and judges of all things.

We see this faithfulness in the life of Joseph and Daniel. In the face of opposition, incrimination, threat and death, their allegiance to God was priority. Be faithful in any situation you find yourself. No situation should cause you to deny your faith. The unmovable everlasting foundation of the righteous is faith in God through our Lord Jesus.

Faithfulness exalts a man. Joseph exemplified the faithful steward and illustrated the principle that one who is faithful in a little will be given charge over much (Matt 25:21; 1Cor.4:2). Hence, the Lord was with Joseph (Gen 39:2, 21, 23). The empowering presence of God in your life will help you to get to your turning point to greatness. “It is required in stewards that one be found faithful” (1Cor. 4:2)

“    Do not compromise with the things that are not righteous-(Gen. 39:7-10).

There are many devils’ enjoyments which entice one to sin. These enjoyments induce one into corruption, whereby one sins against God. Hence, Joseph said “how then can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God”: he fled from committing fornication.

Pleasure that is unrighteous or illegitimate leads to boredom and despair. It robs one of getting to the turning point for goodness. Only your true relationship with your creator who cares for you will truly satisfies. Troubles and uncertainties may continue all around you; but even during that period, you can find joy and success in the secure trust in the almighty God to turn your situation around for good.

“    Patience is strongly required;

Patience is one of the attitudes we need most to put up in order to get to that turning point. Patience requires

o     bearing affliction

o     waiting in hope

o     standing fast under pressure,

Ultimately patience is an empowerment that turns adversity into opportunity. Your patience and endurance will be tested.

Be careful, the most dreadful satanic weapon that destroys ones expectation is anger. Do not allow anger to the extent of you crossing the boundary line of your tolerance. This is what happened to Moses, his unrighteous anger cost him the promise land when he crossed the boundary of tolerance (Num. 20:9-12; Deut. 3:23-27)

On the other hand, Joseph exercises the right attitude throughout the thirteen years of his servitude. He did not allow anger even when he had the opportunity to revenge on his brothers. His right attitude brought him to the turning point – presiding in the palace of Pharaoh.

“    You need wisdom that is found in the fear of God.

All wisdom is built solely on the knowledge of God and submission to His will. To know something independent of God is out of the will of God. To fear God requires the followings

o    Receiving the word of God

o    Takes God’s command seriously

o    Incline your ears to wisdom

o    Having/seeking/searching for understanding the word of God

o    Seeking for the spirit of discernment

o    Obedience to the word of God.

Just as wisdom in the Old Testament acts as God’s word; so also, in the New Testament, Jesus combines the wisdom and word of God with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to keep us in tune. You need to pursue wisdom and knowledge because both are life long occupation which is realized in the entire lifetime of a believer. The fear of the Lord leads to life. (Pro. 19:23)

“    Do not rationalize the power of God.

The Bible says,

“Has the Lord’s arm been shortened? Now you shall see whether what I say will happen to you or not” (Num. 11:23).

To get to the turning point is not an ordinary thing, but it takes the power of God. Your dream, vision, project or aspiration will be achieved through your reliance on the power of God. Do not rely on your power or ability to achieve succes. I want you to see Jesus in your situation, and retain God in your knowledge. Whatever may be the challenges before you in year 2015 or your logical limitation, let the spirit of God lead you (Zach. 4:6-9).

While still expecting, you cannot conceive how God will take you to the turning point. Things are simply not always what we think they ought to be; but God is still in control of all situations, and He works His good purpose through events we do not understand or which anyone can comprehend.

When you are in despair or confused and you don’t seem to understand what is happening; seek the Lord for enlightenment and counsel. The scripture says “casting all our cares upon Him, for He cares for you” (Jas. 5:7). While in wait, at the appointed time, He will answer. God’s timing is always perfect

“    Do not rationalize the word of God but obey.

We need to learn from Abraham’s obedience to God’s command; he was to leave his country, his family and his father’s house, to a land which he did not know. In this modern day, many Christians’ reaction would be to question God why they should leave these three important environments; after all, here are three levels of ever-increasing demands on every man’s life.

Abraham obeyed; not because of the blessing he has not seen, but he believed that God is able to do what He promised. Our God will not command anything without attaching the benefit of obedience to it. Sadly, human being reaction in the present dispensation is to look for proofs how scientifically it can be possible.

Christianity is meant to throw light and reveal the truth in this present world of falsehood. Christianity affirms that Jesus Christ is the truth and the displayer of God’s character. To ignore and not obey the word of God is to foolishly grope around like wanderer.

A Christian should have his/her deep enjoyment in the things of God; particularly in the word of God – focusing the mind more on the scripture. In this New Year 2015, you need to read and listen to the word and teaching of Jesus Christ, through it you will dwell safely and will be secure without the fear of any evil.

Look at all those who were blessed in the Bible, they have one thing in common; good relationship with God. The best way we can have good relationship with God is through obedience. There is no obedience without good reward. Likewise, there is no success without obedience

David said,

“Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You”. Again, he said, “your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”. Furthermore, he said, great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble (Ps 119: 11, 105, 165 respectively).

“    There is the need to develop your endowed gift.

Joseph would not allow his prison situation to disturb or distract him from using his gift of dream and its interpretation. The Bible says “A man’s gift makes room for him, and bring him before great men (Pro. 18:16). Hence,

¢    Joseph, through interpretation of dream was brought before Pharaoh;

¢    Daniel, through interpretation of dreams was brought before Nebuchadnezzar;

¢    David, through his sling, he killed Goliath and rose to be king over Israel

¢    Our Lord Jesus, even though He is the King of kings, because of the word of God and his miracle was brought before Pilate.

¢    Apostle Paul’s zeal brought him before king Agrippa.

Developing and using your gift or talent judiciously in the fear of God is what will take you to your turning point.  Every human being is endowed with a peculiar weapon to develop his/her potential to have success. In a way, success is a battle and not always easy to win. But if you have an insight of your endowment, you are bound to be successful if not slothful about it.

The way to your blessing is different from another man’s way. If you walk in another man’s way of blessing you will not be as successful as if working in line of your own blessing. Many are not successful because they are building on the foundation of another man’s destiny. Your good relationship with God will lead you in the right way or the path of your destiny.

Everybody has to walk in their own unique way of destiny before they can be blessed in life. Seek the face of the Lord today for empowerment to walk in the path of your destiny. Do not eye or envy those who are prospering in their own way; but commit your way unto the Lord, and He will bring you to your own place of blessing.

“    You need to be spirit filled.

You need to be sensitive to the lead of the Holy Spirit no matter what kind of situation you find yourself. The spirit of God leads you and is able to take you to the turning point. When the spirit of God resides in your life, He moves you into action and guides you into all truth. You need to set aside personal feeling and let the spirit of God take total control. Hold fast that which is good (1Thess. 5:21)

You must develop a heart for mercy and forgiveness. This is a step to having a new and clean heart. Your heart needs to be renewed, restored and transformed. Spiritual transformation starts from the mind, this will manifest in the physical – your turning point into the positive side of life.

As a Christian, you need to have a heart that is dedicated to God’s truth; this is what will enable you to stand the test of time. You can resist any temptation by meditating on God’s word and let the Holy Spirit guide and shape your thought and behavior (Jn. 4:21-26; Rom. 2:1-2)

You need to live and walk in the spirit. This means, you should obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit by following spiritual lead. If Joseph did not allow the spirit to take total control of his life, he would have craved for the invitation of Potifar’s wife to commit fornication. That would have cost him or prolong his turning point.

“    Your faith in God plays a key role in your breakthrough in the New Year.

The scripture says that the step of the righteous is ordained from above. No matter how long it takes you to overcome any problem or difficulty, have faith in God and let Him direct you.

“    You need to give more time for prayer and fasting.

The scripture admonishes us to pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus (1Thess. 17-18). Furthermore, the scripture encourages us to pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer and request. We should be alert and always keep on praying for the Lord’s people (Eph. 6:18).

Attitude at the ozone layer – the split second to crossing the turning point

This is the most critical point of any translation, that very moment of breakthrough and realization of ones aspiration. It takes boldness and courage to walk out of any bondage (Exo. 14:8). As Christians, in the face of any problem or hardship that may surface in this New Year, we must not look back or go back, nor should we give up until we have attained. The Bible says we should keep asking until our joy is full. Also, the Lord told the Israelite at the bank of the Red Sea not to fear but to move forward.

In the days of David, the Israelites warred against Benjamin and Gibeah. Israelites fell two times before Benjamin, despite the fact that they inquired of the Lord, they did not give up. They went the third time after Israel had enquired of the Lord again, and they defeated the Benjamites (Judges 20). It is not finish until it is finished. Do not give up when you are going through the wilderness of life, turning point is just a split second ahead.

I attended a middle school function “Kids and Cadets” at Hubbard Middle School, Plainfield NJ. What interested me most was a student who came to the stage to recite her poem. Her recitation was smooth and dramatic, which caught the attention of everybody. But before she finished, she forgot the last sentence of her poem and she became nervous. However, because of her early brilliant performance, there was a round of applause for her.

That applause does not go well with her teacher; the teacher was not satisfied with that performance, so she told the student to recite her poem all over again. The student did not get it right until the fourth time. Finally, she recited the poem smoothly as it was when she first came to the stage.

Surprisingly, despite her mistake, her last performance was more impressing and glorious. She won the prize for that function. Don’t give up, do it again until you get it right. What you need to do is to press forward. Most importantly, you must press with the right attitude in order to get to that turning point.

Attitude to put up at the turning point and beyond

Do not attribute your success, achievement or breakthrough to your ability or power. By God’s favor, Joseph became the lord of his master and the landlord of his master’s house. Whatever Joseph does, the Lord made him to prosper. Joseph was faithful as a slave; hence, he was given a higher responsibility.

When Joseph was called out of the dungeon (his turning point) and Pharaoh asked him “I heard it was said of you that you can understand a dream, to interpret it”. Joseph answered Pharaoh, “it is not in me; God will give Pharaoh an answer of peace” (Gen. 41:14-16). Joseph did not attribute the glory of God to himself, but unto God.

In another instance, when Daniel wanted to interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, he told the king, “The secret which the king has demanded, the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, and the soothsayers cannot declare to the king. “But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets” (Dan. 2:27-28).

The Lord will give you your aspiration, the blue print to your success, the plan and strategy for your breakthrough; your dream, vision, revelation or gift when they are derived from a fundamental desire for God’s honor and glory.

Joseph received favor from God and men

Favor is an act of God. It is God’s generosity and blessing beyond normal. However, a past deed and attitude can be a factor that engineers it. One does not intentionally seeks for favor and get it just like that, but the Lord providentially directs one into it.

Many take favor only in monetary term, but it transcends beyond that. Favor can be rest, protection, security, provision, good health etc. But most importantly, godly living can be rewarded with favor; integrity would attract favor; loyalty, dedication, commitment to the course of God can attract favor; humility can lead to favor, and among many other godly attributes.

In year 2015, do whatever is good, because one day, God will remember you; also, men will remember you. The bottler remembered Joseph and he mentioned Joseph’s name to Pharaoh. When the word of God renders “He remembered” it signifies that God began to intervene on someone’s behalf. God remembers Noah, Sarah, Hannah etc. their situations turn around for the better.

The turning point in Joseph’s life was rising from a dungeon to the Egyptian throne room. Your turning point is your breakthrough – the realization of your dream, vision and revelation; success in your goals, undertakings and aspirations.

The greatest turning point

The greatest and highest turning point in the life of any human being is when that person surrenders his/her life to God’s rule through our Lord Jesus Christ. The point of a new birth in Christ is what I am talking about. To surrender your life to Christ is not the work of flesh and blood, but the spirit of God brings conviction to the heart of those who desires.

Without procrastination, back your conviction today with action. The question then is “what shall I do?” Apostle Peter said, “Repent and let everyone of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sin”, this is your entrance to receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:37-)

Today, as you are reading this prayer bulletin, there is the need for you as a Christian to live step-by-step in the power of the gift of the Holy Spirit which you have received. Allow that Holy Spirit to work through your spirit. Walk each moment by faith in God. Those who know what sin is and know how to avoid it are those who have kept their focus on God. Please do not be driven away by liberty to license without caution and self-discipline.


Pray these prayers to God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the year. They are series of prayer points that touches nearly all aspects of life.

“    Magnify the Lord for Who He is and for the works of His hand – praise His holy name in psalms and with praise worship.

“    Thank the Lord for His goodness and His activities in your life -

o    For the gift of life, physical and spiritual blessings and endowments;

o    For, protection, deliverance and safety from evil;

o    For provision, promotion and divine attractions,

o    For victory over sin and its power, etc.

“    Your sin will not spill over into the new year; therefore, Acknowledge, confess your sins and repent – then, pray for

o     Mercy to overturn every judgment and penalty of sin

o    Forgiveness of any wrong doing.

o    purging of our body and soul from any defilement

o    A refreshing time from the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19).

“    Pray for sanctification to start the new year afresh  – pray

o    for cleansing and purification by the blood of Christ

o    for spiritual washing and divine transformation

o    for the word of God to sanctify and enlighten your knowledge

“    You need to rededicate your life by having a fresh relationship with God; therefore you need to pray for newness of life – pray

o    That God will recreate you anew,

o    For the spirit of God upon your life,

o    For the power of God upon your life,

o    For the glory of God to manifest in your life

o    For the grace of God to be sufficient enough to carry you through the new year

“    The journey in the new year is new every day, no one has travel it before; therefore, we need Holy Spirit empowerment to lead us through – pray for

o    Spiritual lead, spiritual guidance and spiritual eye

o    Wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment,

o    Spiritual strength, spiritual gifts and spiritual empowerment,

o    Spiritual revival

“    We need grace and empowerment to overcome any personal spiritual or physical hindrance that will stand in our way to our turning point – therefore, pray against:

o    Sin, power of sin and manifestation of sin

o    Power that triggers and compel one to sin,

o    temptations, presumptuous sin and defilement

o    Flesh, carnality and all those things which work against the will of God.

o     lust and every desire that is not in the will of God

“    Joseph portrayed the right attitude throughout the time he was in prison and that helped and propelled him to reach his turning point for good. You will pray for Spiritual fruitfulness to take you to the next level of your greatness – pray:

o    To be a source of love, joy, peace, happiness and gladness to others wherever situation you find yourself

o    For the spirit of longsuffering and self control to guide your emotion

o    For the spirit of kindness, goodness and gentleness

o    Mercy, forgiving spirit and compassion

o    obedience, truthfulness, faithfulness and righteousness

o    wholeness, holiness, uprightness, soundness and judgment

“    Out of ignorance and innocence, Joseph’s dream was almost destroyed; you are going to pray against every destructive power – pray

o    That God will deliver you from every deceptive appearance that can lead to destruction.

o    Pray for grace and Holy Spirit empowerment to help you bridle your whole body; especially, your mouth.

o    That the Holy Spirit will guide you and your mouth from any conscious and unconscious utterances that may cost you your blessing in year 2015 and beyond.

o    Against every power of incrimination which might want to put you in trouble

o    Against any pressure that may make you behave contrary to the will of God or cause you to sin against God

o    For Holy Spirit empowerment to guide, lead and direct your thought in your journey through year 2015

“    You need spiritual empowerment to guide your attitude during your waiting period until God takes you to your turning point – pray

o    For the grace to be dead to sin and alive with Christ

o    Empowerment to walk in the grace for good work

o    For spiritual empowerment for wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment at every stage and moment in any situation in year 2015

“    Year 2015 is like any other year, full of ups and downs; but the Bible say that the Lord was with Joseph-  pray

o    That the presence of God will be with you throughout the year

o    That God will not allow man, power or any unbearable situation to prevail over you.

o    That the all-powerful God will give you a divine strategy to overcome difficulties or problems that will stand in your way of success.

o    That God will give you victory over all challenges, oppositions, confrontations, afflictions, or anything that will work contrary to the good purpose for your life.

o    That God will deliver you from the power and house of bondage

o    That God will deliver you from the dungeon of the wicked

o    That God will deliver you from power of limitation that tends to rob, delay or kill the success of your Endeavour.

“    We need divine intervention in our situation this year and beyond- pray

o    That the Lord will remember you for good and turn your situation around for better.

o    That there will be a divine intervention concerning any situation you will find yourself in the course of this year

o    Declare and say; Lord, let there be beginning of new good things concerning me through the demonstration of your power in my situation.

o    That God will look upon you with mercy and surrounds you with favor in year 2015.

o    That divinely, God will take you to your place of turning point, which will lead you to your place of breakthrough.

o    That your potential will spring forth and that God will use it as an instrument to take you from your low position to a higher position – from minimum to maximum

“    You will pray against every seen and unseen force of darkness, and self-will power that works contrary to your progress. Pray against principalities, evil powers, rulers of the darkness, and spiritual host in heavenly place. pray

o    that God will turn the evil meant against you to work for your favor

o    for Holy Ghost empowerment to walk in the path of your destiny

o    That God will destroy every strong hold that will stand in your way of progress in year 2015.


You need grace to depend on God for the right attitude, which will give you victory in year 2015

Victory depends more on the spiritual state of the mind, the degree of dependence and obedience to God; not according to the earthly strength or wisdom. Every moment of your life is like a battle, fight or struggle and a little rest; your victory does not come by the amount of weapon or strength you have, but by the backing of the spirit of God’s miraculous intervention. The scripture says

“For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds” (2Cor. 10:4).

In year 2015, trust in God, delight in Him, commit your ways to Him, rest in Him and wait patiently for Him (Ps. 37:1-8); and He will take you to your turning point. Have a wonderful and prosperous year.

By Lawrence Abitogun

Category: prayer

Topic: – Is anything too hard for the Lord?

The world today is like a country of provocation ready to attract the anger and fury of the Lord. The world is full with many unrighteous and immoral activities. Man is waging war against God and nature. Man is neglecting and ignoring the fact that God created the whole universe and all that is in it. Forgetting that man has no control over his being neither has he control over nature that surrounds him.

Any problem with man and the nature around him can only be rectified by, He who created both, God. Man cannot change what God had made permanent neither can he recreate nature. Man can tap into the knowledge of what God had put in place, but cannot add to it. Any attempt by man to create or recreate causes man to destroy the existing creation; to recreate independent of God’s knowledge most of the time ended up in disaster and loss of lives. Man’s creation is not perfect and will never be perfect until man comes to the knowledge of God.

No one born of a woman naturally or by cesarean session who does not have one problem or difficulty. The form and degree of the problem varies from one person to the other. The problem may be physical, spiritual, emotional, mental or material. The reaction of individual to the problem also varies; some will be able to bear it, while some will not.

In the scripture, Sarah’s problem was barrenness; she had reached the age of menopause. Humanly and medically, she cannot bear any child (Gen. 18: 11-12). David’s problem was that of his internal and external enemies and adversaries (1Sam. 19; 2Sam. 15). In the case of our Lord Jesus, His own people and the ministers of God in the temple hated Him (Mk. 14:1-2). Individual problem is of different stroke; problems that are facing nations are not alike.

Likewise, the approach to solving the problems varies from one person to the other. Some would approach by self-effort, some would consult professionals while, others approach it in the spiritual/divine way. Whichever approach is used, there is always a limit to the capability of man to solving any problem. When it gets to that point, where solution seems to be failing or failed totally; where there seems to be no way; when death is imminent; and all hopes becomes hopeless: where do you turn?

As a Christian, you don’t need to be told that you have to turn to your advocate, Jesus Christ, who will connect you to the divine solution. The power to solving problem does not lie with man or the world of darkness, or else, the power would have been destroyed long time ago. On the other hand, man or agents of the world of darkness would have charge you an unbearable fees that would drown you into a debt, which you cannot ransom. However, the power that solves problems belongs to our creator, our potter, the creator of the universe, the Almighty God, the All in all: He solves and delivers His children liberally without prejudice.

God cares

God said to Abraham concerning his wife Sarah’s doubted reaction to the promise of the Lord that she would have a child at an old age, “Is anything too hard for the Lord” (Gen. 18:14). In another instance, God said to Jeremiah concerning the restoration of the Israelites while they were still in captivity, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?” (Jer. 32:27).

Humanly or medically speaking, your situation may be said to be hopeless like that of Sarah and Abraham without a child or that of the Israelites whose hope of returning to their land was invisible. Your situation may have become a subject of ridicule or reproach to the extent that people call you all sorts of repugnant name, like Jabez (1Chro.4:9-10) or mara (Ruth 1:20). The Lord who changed the situation of Jabez and Naomi for better still cares for you, better than the way a mother cares for her child (Is.49:15).

Cast your burden on Him

Your problem may be physical, spiritual, material, mental or emotional lacks; rejection or dejection through disappointment; down cast; or dissatisfaction concerning your situation: they do not put a full stop at achieving what you hoped for. This is the beginning of your processing to success, especially, when you cast your burden on Him (Matt. 11:28).


Our Lord Jesus said to the father of the epileptic boy (or with mute spirit) “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes” (Mk. 9:23). In year 2010, you need to believe and not doubt or tempt God. Your situation is not a killer, it kills when you permit it to be. When situation seems to be 99% no solution, or zero success, do not yield to hopelessness, turn to the only source of solution. Man without God retained in his knowledge or man with his own creation cannot deliver; most of the time, man’s effort failed. The only unfailing source of solution is the power of God through our Lord Jesus.

Call on God

God intervenes in the affairs of this world, especially, he is aware of the trouble and problem affecting His people and He acts in their behalf. To man, many things are viewed to be impossible, however the Bible confirms “For with God nothing will be impossible” (Lk. 1:37). Furthermore, the Lord said through Jeremiah, “Call on Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know” (Jer. 33:3). The Bible declared moreover, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Matt. 7:7). With these promises, why did we not receive? We do not receive because we ask amiss for two reasons.

1. We are our own ‘prince of Persia’ (Dan. 10:12-15), we hindered God’s response to our request through our sin/s and our waywardness.

2. We ask for lust and selfish reason (Jas. 1:6, 4:3).

Come nearer unto God in year 2010

· In year 2010, let us ask according to the will of God in faith, this will bring you deliverance and victory over any problem.

· You must forgive those who offended you; or, ask for forgiveness, from those you have offended. Why? Miracle and healing happens when sins are forgiving.

· Do not turn your back against the Lord; rather, obey his words and directives. Do not despise the word or prophecy of God. If you do not believe, keep it to yourself and do not discourage or mislead others from believing (2Ki. 7:2, 17; 3Jn. 9-11)

· Above all, you need to pray and give time for fasting in order to combat seen and unseen forces, which work through opposition, antagonism and confrontation. To be a victor in year 2010, the resource power that conquers satan are prayer, bodily control and the whole armor of God. (Matt. 17:21; Eph. 6:10-18). Note that Jesus’ prayer life was a continuous one, not just a brief moment.

Let us pray

These prayers cannot be offered one time, they are to be prayer points for you to build upon for the whole year. They are series of prayer points that touches nearly all aspects of life. They are lead to help your find a particular area of prayer that suits your purpose.

· Magnify the Lord – praise His holy name in psalms and with praise worship every day. Praising the Lord opens the window of heaven for showers of blessings.

· Thank the Lord for His goodness and His activities in your life for the – gift of life, newness of life, physical and spiritual blessings, endowments, healing, protection, provision, deliverance, safety, prevailing over sin and its power, victories, divine attractions, promotion etc. thanking the Lord attracts more blessings.

· Acknowledge, confess your sins and repent – that you may receive mercy, forgiveness and a refreshing time from the presence of the Lord (Acts 3:19).

· Pray for sanctification – cleansing by the blood of Christ, purification, word of God, spiritual washing, purging from sin, mortifying of sin, divine transformation.

· Pray against – sins, power of sin, manifestation of sin, trigger and pressure of sin, temptations, defilement, waywardness, lie, evil tongue, presumptuous sin, guilt of sin, curse of sin, flesh, carnality and all those things which work against the will of God.

· Pray for the Holy spirit – spiritual uplifting, spiritual guidance, spiritual lead, discernment, knowledge, understanding, spiritual gifts, empowerment, excellence, healing, spiritual eye, power for miracle.

· Pray for newness of life – new creation, spirit of God, power of God, glory of God, blessing of God, grace of God, authority over dominion, power to resist sin, spiritual purging, spiritual revival.

· Pray for Spiritual fruitfulness – love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, giving, mercy, truthfulness, praising, righteousness, forgiving spirit, obedience, wholeness, holiness, compassion, uprightness, judgment, happiness, gladness, spiritual quickening, soundness.

· Pray against mental, physical and emotional affliction – chaos, disorder, emptiness, sorrow, bitterness, curse, odds, oppression, depression, confusion, affliction, evil tongue, evil thought, sickness, enslavement.

· Pray against devil’s tools/weapons – shame and reproach, fear, hindrance, obstruction/obstacle, satanic veil, blockade, enemies, doubt, futility, monitoring spirit, harm, barrenness, sickness, disease, lack of good things, poverty, conspirators, evil thoughts, suffering, persecution, changed destiny, hopelessness, vanity, laziness, mistake, idleness, bitterness, anguish, weeping, mourning, calamity, delay, opposition, confrontation, antagonist

· Pray against principalities, evil powers, rulers of the darkness, and spiritual host in heavenly places – divination, enchantment, sorcery, astrology, stargazing, prognostication, necromancy, witches/wizard, occultism, evil altar, satanic agents, evil forces, diabolical power, monitoring spirit, and spell.

· Pray for deliverance from – sin, power of sin, misinformation, disobedience, evil attachment, deceptive appearances, evil disaster, destiny changer/snatcher, blessing snatcher, power of lust, power of negativism, power of incrimination, power of the enemy, cage of the enemy, entrapment/snare, evil forces/works, power of darkness, seen/unseen powers, power of death, premature death, tentacles of satanic network, trouble, secret faults, power of grave, secret counsel of the wicked, blood guilt, storms of life, captivity, unbelief, bad dream, rebellion, sleep work, daydreaming, impending doom and natural disaster

· Pray for protection/prevention from – sin, opportunity for satan’s advantage, causes of God’s wrath, causes for punishment, darts of the devil, terror by night, arrow that flies by day and night, noisome pestilence, sharing in the reward of the wicked, evil occurrences, plague, stumbling block, fire and accident.

· Pray for victory – Cause my enemies and adversaries to be – scattered, confounded, recall with unusual sound, caught in their own trap, expose for destruction, experience a supernatural terror, embark on suicide mission, feed themselves with their own flesh and drink their own blood.

· Pray for healing from – spiritual and physical dryness, body dysfunctions/ anomalies, sickness and diseases.

· Pray for personal divine attraction/encounter – success, accomplishment, blessing, God’s promises, promotion, establishment, strength, mercy, favor, victory, help, breakthrough and divine health.

· Pray for help, power and grace – to know the way of the Lord, walk in the way of the Lord, put away every evil, lean on doing what is good, purge from every residue of sin, to be obedient, abide in God’s secret place, trust in the Lord, to worship in truth and righteousness, to refrain from evil ways, and to sow the seed of faith

We pray and ask in Jesus name, Amen.

Have a wonderful year of grace and blessing.
Lawrence Abitogun (elder)

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