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Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ (John Piper Small Group)This group member study guide reinforces John Piper’s DVD presentations on what it means to behold and delight in Jesus above all things.

In 2 Corinthians, the apostle Paul described one of the central problems facing humanity in every age: people fail to see Christ for who he is. Even those who have caught a glimpse of him do not see perfectly, says best-selling author John Piper. But it is important that we not only learn to see him but delight in him and the truth of the gospel.

This study guide-a companion to the Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ DVD-explores the meaning and significance of these ideas in an eight-session, guided group study. With its opportunities for reflection, penetrating questions, and five daily assignments per week, this full-length guide walks group members through Piper’s compelling DVD presentation, in addition to supplementing Piper’s book by the same name.

Combining the Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ Study Guide with the DVD will enable churches, small groups, schools, and families to learn to behold and delight in Jesus more than anything this world has to offer.

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Seeing Salvation: Images of Christ in ArtWithout contemporary accounts of Jesus’ appearance, artists through the ages have been free to create many images of him–images that sometimes reflect the spiritual world of the artist and other times the desires of the patron or the needs of the spectator. In this magnificently illustrated book, Neil MacGregor traces the life of Christ and the development of Christian culture in the work of artists from different times and diverse cultures. Copublished with the National Gallery, London

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