“…Moses’ anger became hot, and he cast the tablets out of his hands

and broke them at the foot of the mountain” (Exo. 32:19b).

I remember long time ago in our village, when I was young; there was a piece of land at the back of our house. On one of the school holidays, I decided to cultivate a small garden where I could plant some variety of seedlings. For one week, I was brushing and making heaps on this land. I had not finish making the heaps, but almost, when all of a sudden, one of the tenant women living in our house aggravated me by calling me a repugnant name.

AngerThis pronouncement vexed my spirit and I was raged. My reaction to this vexation was instantly spontaneous and negative. I went straight back to the land that I had been working upon for one week and scattered and destroyed all the heaps. The situation was very annoying shortly. By the time my temper cooled down, I realized I had done something wrong and stupid. Though it happened when I was young, however the spirit of anger, like any other sin, grows along with age; if noticed and not mortified, it could develop to become a besetting sin, which could be costly later in life.

Effect of besetting sin of Moses’ anger

In the scripture, we read about the anger of Moses, which grew up with him up to the point he was about to achieve success of his life-long aspiration – to lead the Israelites into the promise land. The spirit of anger that caused him to kill an Egyptian (Exo. 2:12), the same spirit caused him to break the tablets of the Ten Commandments (Exo. 32:19). This same spirit again, at the tail end of his life caused him to strike the rock as against speaking to the rock. For this disobedience to the instruction of the Lord, he was forbidden entrance into the promise land (Num. 20:1-12).

Anger causes negative overreaction and destruction to what a person has or whatever he/she is doing. In whatever situation, especially when undergoing a process to success or maintaining an existing cherished or something of great value like, matrimony, it is imperative to desist from any form of causes that could trigger, sprout or resurrect anger.

In the course of an undertaking, there some agents that work together to trigger or create an avenue for anger. Anger in its own reaction causes the angered to react negatively to whatever he/she has, what is being processed or to be maintained. A believer must be aware and avoid these agents from causing them to be angered; whereby they engage in an act of destruction, or what may cause retardation or abandonment in anything they are processing to success.

Some agents that causes anger of destruction

· Barrier/Obstacle,

· Opposition,

· Antagonism,

· Confrontation,

· Fear of the unknown,

· Hindrances

· Failure

· Lack of satisfaction

· Disappointment

· Regret; and among others

Avoid these agents

When you are confronted with any of the above, quickly recognize that it signals negative effect; reject any implication, and do not allow it to cause you to be destructive or aggressively angered. The situation may also create various degrees of actions and feelings, such as violence, sadness, bitterness, fury and snorting mad. See the situation as part of process to success, remain focus on your mission, goal or undertaking.

Sometimes we say human anger is of two types – righteous and unrighteous. The act of any of these two could be costly. The breaking of the tablets of the Ten Commandments was a righteous anger, however, it cost Moses another forty days to go up the mountain to obtain another one. The disobedience to the instruction of the Lord by Moses at Kadesh Barnea was unrighteous, it cost him the promise Land (Deut.3:26, 27). Anger is natural in man; however, when it manifests, it must be to hate sin and not to break the law or to sin against God.

As a child of God, there is the need to apply godly wisdom, spirit of meekness, gentleness and patience whenever anger sprouts. These elements will cool down every spirit to be furious. Do not allow yourself to be provoked; do not yield to the provocation if it happens; give no place for the devil to push you beyond the level of your tolerance to commit sin. (Pro. 28:8, 15:1, 19:11; Eccl. 10:4)

Above all, prayer is a necessity for deliverance from the spirit of anger. If anger would cost Moses his entrance into the promise land after thirty-eight years of serving the Lord, every Christian then needs prayer to be delivered from it, since anger is in every man or woman. Most importantly, we need deliverance from any kind of sin.

At the point of being successful in any undertaking, there is always a shaking of faith. Satan likes to take advantage of this kind situation and causes one to take a wrong decision that may lead to failure. Beware; the worst time to make a decision about a crisis is when you are first hit with it. In most cases, it turned out to be wrong decision.

Let us follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ who has every reason to be angry at His arresters and accusers, He did not call for twelve legions of angels to avenge Him (Matt. 26:52). He would not allow satan to rob Him of the great glory, which was ahead for him. Likewise, in every situation of provocation or aggravation, let us avoid anger that can destroy our goal.

Yours In Christ
Lawrence B. Abitogun (Elder)
Lawrence Abitogun Christian Ministry
True Christianity Values

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