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A Life of Jesus the Christ: From Cosmic Origins to the Second Coming (Edgar Cayce Guide)A rich account of the life of Jesus Christ by a biblical historian draws on the readings of American visionary leader and psychic pioneer Edgar Cayce, as well as excerpts from the Bible, to chronicle and interpret the life of Jesus. Reprint.

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Experiencing the Heart of Jesus Leader's Guide: Knowing His Heart, Feeling His Love

This book will help the leaders and teachers who use the book for group study to have a deeper understanding of the lessons and how they can help each class member get more from the study.

The group leader will be able to follow the the entire lesson using either the Leader’s Commentary section or the Workbook questions and answers section, with discussion questions and readings from pertinent quotations and Scripture texts.

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A Topical Guide To The Scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of The Latter-day SaintsThe only reference work that cross references topics between the four standard works recognized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; the Bible, the Pearl of Great Price, the Book of Mormon and the Doctrines and Covenants. An invaluable tool for the student of Mormon theology.


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